Recent election wins by conservatives in Slovakia/ Netherlands

Discussion in 'World Events' started by John Kamps, Nov 24, 2023.

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    I cannot understand why they do not support Ukraine? In my World Ukraine is headed by a Conservative Regime fighting the Russian invaders/ headed by a totalitarian President (Putin)
    These Russians are still showing off the evil symbols of Communism (Hammer & Sickle) which they proudly display on their "Victory Parades" and on their tanks/ assault guns in Ukraine. These leaders must be totally niave to trust Putin or the Russians. The Ukrainians are killing 1200+ Russians every day/ this helps the West in their long range plan of the destruction of the "Evil Empire" as Reagen wisely stated in 1989. The Hungarian Leader should know/ as his Country was under the Russian yoke for 45 years after Hungarians fought with Germany vs Stalins hordes in 44/45. Germany finally is sending Ukraine long range precision missiles to kill targets deep into Crimea/ Russian military depots/ airfields/ ships.
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