Rick Perry says Trump chosen by God

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoeNation, Nov 25, 2019.

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    And you wonder why organized religion is having a tough time these days? Churches are nearly empty and mostly consisting of very elderly patrons. The younger generation is almost completely absent from traditional religious orders that even their parents were a part of.

    When a guy that is on his third marriage, cheats on all of his wives, never goes to church, has no moral compass whatsoever, and worships the almighty dollar, is held of as the guy chosen by God, it is no wonder that more and more people feel that God didn't create us in his image so much as we created God in our own image.
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    Being a former rock musician that now plays for his church I have occasion to visit other churches in a musical capacity. I would agree with you that the traditional denominational churches are getting thin these days. Fortunately my church isn't one of them. We are growing leaps and bounds and are doing our third addition in as many years. However my point is this. I would challenge you to visit one of the new breed of church. I call them "rock & roll churches". These churches are busting at the seams with young folks. They give a stadium quality Christian rock concert and follow that with a lively multi-screen sermon that is biblically based. And man there is some spirit going on in those places. If I were a younger man, you can bet that is where I would be worshiping. So yes, while the traditional denominations do appear to be dying a slow death, these new churches are growing like wild fire with young folks hungry for the truth.

    As far as the Perry comment. I can only respond with "meehhh"... What politician does posses a moral compass?
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    None that I've met but there are degrees of decency in the ranks of the politicos that Trump would find himself pulling at the rear end of the line. I'm a non-theist and even I am more "godly" than someone like Trump. At least I've been married to the same person, never once cheated on her, and I don't take children away from their parents and payoff porn stars.

    I guess my point is that if you believe in nothing, you'll fall for anything. Believing Trump is chosen by God in my opinion is believing in nothing. The greatest tyrants throughout history had followers that fervently believed that their dear leader was chosen by God. It's kind of necessary to get the true believers behind you before you start slaughtering people en masse.
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