Second anniversary of Putin's "special military operation"

Discussion in 'World Events' started by John Kamps, Feb 24, 2024.

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    Lets sum up.
    When Russia invaded/ so called "military experts" stated the War would be over in one-three weeks. Russian media bellicose as Russians are, our guys will have breakfast in Belarus/ lunch in Kyivo_O
    Meanwhile the head of world strongest miliary (Biden) was willing to offer Zelensky, "a ride" da! I remember when US would not allow Poland to send Mig 29s to Ukraine.
    on the opposite/ Zelensky said, I don't need a ride, I need ammo" (True leader) Putin, sent in Chechen assassination squads to kill Zelensky and his cabinet. Putin's killers all were sent to hell by Ukraine special forces.
    Hence now on Feb. 24th/ 2024.....
    409K Russkies dead/ wounded from battlefield/ most left to rot.

    Materiel losses 7K tanks/ 24K armored personnel carriers/ thousands of guns/ missile launchers/ artillery systems/ SAM sites

    401 military aircraft/ 8 in last 10 days

    25 warships

    Regained quarter of lost territory

    Two more members to NATO Finland/ Sweden two nations that did a lot of damage in previous wars. Finland defeating USSR 1939/40/ Charles XII Sweden 1700-09. So NATOs Northen flank is protected.

    Ukrainian sea drones have sunk 25 Russian warships/ send rest hiding on Eastern Russian ports/ so Ukraine control Western Black Sea.
    Turkey will not allow Russian Navy to use Dardenelles Strait.
    Europe now is unified in her desire to aid Ukraine as long as it takes to defeat Putin. Germany/ UK are really stepping up in sending weapons to Zelensky. UK and Germany have no love for Russia.
    Now my prediction for third year of conflict.
    Ukraine finally will get German long range Taurus cruise missiles
    With these they will destroy Kerch Bridge/ cut off Russia from Crimea
    When 60 F-16s arrives/ Ukraine will have air dominance over region.
    Finally US will get their act in play and send much needed ammo/ hardware to front
    Russia will be forced to withdraw from Crimea/ which will cause backlash to Putin Regime.

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