Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Says Using N-Word Against Black Folks Doesn’t Constitute “Ho

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    A Supreme Court justice holds enormous power and thus should be vetted to the very highest levels and as far as we’re concerned, the recent discovery of ACB’s track record should be immediately disqualifying.

    According to NPR, back in 2019, Barrett wrote a head-scratchingly moronic opinion on a Black Illinois transportation worker who sued his department after he was fired with claims that his supervisor called him the n-word. It should go without saying that calling a Black employee a “ni**er” would create a hostile work environment. Sounds open-and-shut…unless you’re a woefully ignorant white woman like Amy Coney Barrett, the adoptive parent of two Black Haitian children. The cringe-worthy moment happened during Coney’s Senate hearing on Tuesday (Oct.13) where she offered very short and minimal answers to Senate Judiciary Committee members. She even boasted that she had not prepared for the hearing, holding up a blank notepad for the committee and viewers watching. Sounds about WHITE!

    Peep what this mayo-slathered soup cookie had to say about the issue:

    “The n-word is an egregious racial epithet (…) That said, Smith can’t win simply by proving that the word was uttered. He must also demonstrate that Colbert’s use of this word altered the conditions of his employment and created a hostile or abusive working environment.”

    Bish, are you stupid, dumb, or both? The n-word, by its very nature, is hostile and abusive. Hell, according to the same NPR report, even piece-of-s#!t SCOTUS Brett “Too-Many-Beers” Kavanaugh argued that the word is not only highly offensive but would absolutely create a hostile and abusive workplace. When you’re further to the right of this issue than THAT guy, then you are truly not worthy of a lifelong black robe.

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