The American Work Ethic in the 21st Century

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    I have long felt that young folks are idealistic when they leave home and enter the working world. Because everything has been provided for a young person, they often have no concept of working to earn something. Consequently, I have been giving younger folks a pass on the idealistic notion that their world is ready to hand them all the desires of their hearts. Soon enough, a young person will enter the working world and the reality sets in that they do have to work, save and earn to have nice things.

    Well, then I started paying attention to what these liberal Democrats are really saying. And I have to say that I am beyond stunned. The uninformed believed eight years ago that he was getting free health care. What he received in reality were higher insurance premiums and an IRS penalty for failing to have health insurance. That wasn't very "free" in my book. Yet, now young folks are all clamoring about because they are promised more free health care, free higher educations.... We will take all that those greedy folks that worked and saved their entire lives for and give it to you..... Say what you will, that was the message that resonated from the last Democratic debate.

    I'll tell you. If I was a young person I would be all aboard. Heck yes, give me everything just like mommy and daddy did. That way I can play video games on your dime....... No sir!! This is not the way this world works. I am livid with the liberal left for poisoning these young peoples minds like this. I have been a moderate conservative ever since I became politically aware almost forty years ago. But this?? No, this devastating attack on our children's minds is a step too far and I just put my boxing gloves on.
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    I'm decently prepared for the real world, I'm scheduled 36 hours at my job and that along with high school. I already have plan A and part of plan B, and I know I don't need much from the government.
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    Coinblazer..... I did use a sweeping generalization. I do fully recognize that you and many other young folks don't subscribe to the pablum that I witnessed being spoon fed by the Democratic hopefuls last week. My apologies for lumping all young folks into my rant above..... And understand. It isn't young folks I am pointing a finger at here. It is those on the platform preaching this unrealistic view of no cost and no consequence lives for all. This world doesn't work like that and I do understand that you don't subscribe to that.
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    I understand it was a generalization, and I took no offense, however I just want to reaffirm there are some who are better prepared.
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    My niece is what some people might call an exception to the rule. She earned a college degree in logistics, and by her late 20s was making a 6-figure salary. She works for one of these firms that sees to it that products get the stores in an efficient and timely matter, and that service pays quite well. She is a real go-getter, and earns more than I ever did on an annual basis.

    She has told my wife and I that she is totally disgusted with the attitude that some of the recent college graduates bring to her office. “They expect to be promoted right away,” she has told, “before they have contributed anything constructive to the company. They seem to think that a college degree qualifies them to be the vice president of the company fresh out of college.”

    I think that this is a reflection of the “everybody is a winner,” concept that is poured into young people’s heads these days. Everybody gets a trophy, whether you have earned it or not. That’s not the way to teach young people how the world works. If you work hard and succeed, you should be rewarded. If you fail or turn into a slacker, you don’t do as well.

    That’s the way it should be, but for the socialists, everybody is supposed to be “equal” weather you work or not. In fact, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocaseo-Cortez has told us that is what the government has an obligation to do for people. She is part of the problem, not the solution.
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