The Benevolence of Gilead

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    Don't be too impressed with the "benevolence" of Gilead after their donation of all of their Remdesivir.

    This was nothing more than a very shrewd business decision.

    Remdesivir was developed to treat ebola and Marburg patients, and was denied approval after clinical trials, rendering the medication essentially useless to them. They've held it in their coffers ever since, hoping for a way to salvage something from it.

    Well, their opportunity has arisen.

    By donating their existing supply, they have put themselves in a win-win situation.

    If Remdesivir fails to make COVID-19 patients better, they at least get to write off the cost of their donation against taxable income. That's a win, especially since the medication was useless. It's also a win because they look like heroes to those who aren't looking deeply enough into their motivation for donating the medication in the first place.

    If Remdesivir does work, not only do the folks at Gilead look like heroes, but because they were first on the block with an effective treatment, they virtually shut out all potential competitors for a COVID-19 worldwide market. That's an even bigger win . . . perhaps 100 Billion Dollars.

    This is certainly not a noble gesture on their part. It's not even a gamble for them. I am not applauding Gilead for this maneuver . . . . . . this is a very clever manipulation with no negative outcome for them.

    Despite my being a capitalist at heart, I have a heart, as do most other conservatives, and do not choose to support capitalism above all else. We are not cold-hearted . . . that's just the liberal characterization of us that allows them to tug at the heartstrings of those they want to join their ranks.
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