The Police Are Us

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    As a Constitutional Republic, we pass laws (Article 1), then enforce the laws (Article 2). Our law enforcement personnel enforce laws on behalf of the Public. Folks think the Police Shield represents "police protecting the Public", but it really represents the Public as the shield of the Police Officer. When a police officer is shot, every American is shot.

    We need to hold police officers to the highest standard of Public Trust...but why do bad cops remain on duty? Answer: The Police Union. The Left never tries to get to the root of any problem because they create most of them. Instead, the Left exploits the division they create for political gain. Democrats are like freezing water in cracked pavement...all they leave are potholes.
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    Unions make it harder to get rid of bad employees, especially in the public sector. Teachers are another example where the union protecting the bad ones is a serious threat to society as they are in part responsible for the next generation.
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