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Discussion in 'Religion' started by Danr, Mar 20, 2007.

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    This is amazing revisionist history. It sounds more like a patriotic movie script than reality. I asked a few "oldtimers" about this a number of years ago because I didn't understand why they did it. The basic answers I got as to why everyone turned in the gold can be summarized in two main responses:

    1) People didn't turn in that much gold. Most was already held by the banks as reserves against the currency outstanding and they just kept it. Family treasures were not turned in to help the country. They were sold to stay alive.

    2) People couldn't afford not to exchange gold coins they might have had because they were largely out of work, needed money to spend, and gold coinage could no longer be spent. So exchange was really the only survival option.

    Unfortunately, most folks of adult age in 1933 are gone now, so people can make up any story they want about the event and how people heroically reacted to it. I also believe [going from memory here so corrections are welcome] there was an exemption of something like five $20 gold coins per family member that the government permitted people to keep without fear of prosecution. They weren't out to persecute the little guy as many articles today would have you believe. That was a lot of money then, more than most people could afford to keep around the house when times were rough.
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    I only know what I read. I wasn't there and I don't put much stock in anecdotal accounts, especially when they are over 70 years old. I will look up exactly what I read and quote it for you. Maybe after dinner. :eating:
    Stay tuned.
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    O.K. Here is a partial transcript of what I was referring to...

    On March 10 the passsage of the Emergency Banking Act the previous day, in record time, was banner news across the nation. It was also the extent of the deluge of gold back to the Federal Reserve was reported in depth, and the news was astonishing. More than 65 million had been returned in the three days since the president's initial decree. One March 9 alone, 30 milllion in gold was turned in...
    Newspaper reported that it was not just businesses and wealthy skeptics redepositing their golden hoards. Law-abiding, everyday citizens went to the banks not thinking of themselves as hoarders but wanting to do the right thing. "They came with little bags, briefcases, paper bundles, boxes or bulging pockets. Many had only a few coins, while others had bags of thousands of dollars of double eagles.

    I'm not saying that people didn't fear any government retribution if they didn't turn in their gold but it was definitely stampeded back to the banks.
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    Hitler, National "Socialist" Party.
    Statlin, Communist Party.
    Pol Pot, Communist Party.
    If you go far enough left you are at the same spot as the person who went far right.
    They are the one and the same if we get down to it.

    and thank God we have a volunteer military.True citizens and for the vast majority the best of the best that we have in so many ways.
    I am still allowed to say God in this nation? At least until the next election?
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    This is what I mean Andy...Nobody can figure out where this came from. If someone other than Andy can, please let me know.

    I think umtrr-author said best in a different thread. "Do you have something to say or are you just saying something?"
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    Moen, I am just responding to the thread.
    The thread is suggesting that our nation is taking a direction towards fasicm.
    You and that poster seem to always attack the current repubilican party as taking away our rights.
    I am just pointing out that the far left is no different from the far right and those who think they are far leftist would most likely have followed Stalin or Hitler and ended up right where they claimed to have preached against.

    What I could have done is point out facts that prove those points listed in the post as not applying to our nation but based upon past reactions ,the poster and you would ignore that and attack the messenger instead.

    Footnotes: The Bush Administration is not far right. It is just scattered elements.
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    I like to criticize the right, but Andy makes a good point about the far left too. I guess thats why I consider myself independent.
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    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    Andy, sorry if I misunderstood your post. I can usually follow a person's train of thought but I can rarely follow yours for some reason. I'm not saying it's your fault, maybe we just think in entirely different ways -no value judgement on either thought process.

    Maybe its why we disagree so often. Well, here's to future disagreements. Cheers!
  9. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    Maybe the political spectrum is actually not linear but circular. The Right and Left meet on the dark side with only the thinnest of barriers seperating them and the rest of us occupy the lit side with no real barrier seperating us from each other. Hum? I would explain a lot. :rolleyes:

    Anybody, jump in here and run with it...
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    That has always been my point with the viewpoint that the far left has way more power and influence today on our culture and way of life yet disguises that by attacking anyone who disagrees with them as being far right. An old Josef Stalin technique actually, nothing new.
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    I'm not doubting that this is the way it was reported. But I doubt that the editorializing about "Law-abiding, everyday citizens went to the banks not thinking of themselves as hoarders but wanting to do the right thing" probably isn't accurate. People just did what they had to do to survive. It's sort of like paying income taxes today. I don't think many people pay because they want to do the right thing. They pay because there isn't much choice and not paying just isn't worth the risk.
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    I wonder if the gov't recalled all non-numismatic nickels 38-present illegal and must be turned in for fear of nickel hoarders what you would do. Turn in you bags and bags of nickels or hide them
  13. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    I guess we'll never really know. But the amount of gold turned in is not in dispute and it was considerable whether it was by coersion or by some sense of patriotism. Maybe people back then were less jaded than we are today? All points seem pretty unprovable at any rate.

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