The Seawerld Andromeda Strain Twist ... .. .

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    Howdy peeps, :)

    I've recently talked about Transference and DNA, which that concept was shown nicely in a movie called The Andromeda Strain:

    Where that ties in with Seawerld is Tilikum, the Bull Killer Whale at Seawerld that has killed three humans, while in captivity.

    Seawerld has been using Tilikum's sperm to breed more whales and today, more than half the Killer Whales at Seawerld are of Tilikum's DNA.

    Have you seen the movie Deep Blue Sea?

    I want to go to Seawerld! :D

    There's a much better chance of Doom there than anywhere else I've found, at least, so far. ;)

    Shamu on, Seaworld! :D

    Ribbit :)

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