The staggering size of the National Debt

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JohnHamilton, Oct 15, 2019.

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    I am putting together an article on the Lincoln Cent for my local coin club. The obverse of the Lincoln was introduced on August 2, 1909. Since that time, the United States Mint System has produced more than 453 billion Lincoln cents as of 2018, which is a world record mintage for one coin design.

    I was thinking that was quite an impressive number until I thought about the size of the national debt. A quick Google search revealed that it is now up to 22.8 trillion dollars. If you divide that number by the number of Lincoln cents made over that last 110 years, that comes out to over $50 per one cent piece.

    It’s hard to get your mind around such huge numbers, but it does give an idea as to how bad the debt has become.

    This medal, which was design by Victor D. Brenner, the artist who designed the first Lincoln cent, was the inspiration for the coin. He showed one of these pieces to President Theordore Roosevelt, and the idea was vorn.

    Lincoln VDB Med O.jpg Lincoln VDB Med R.jpg
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    It is a sad thing that it seems we have raised several generations to be fully complacent with the idea of debt. Whether it be personal or national. When you really stop and think about that, it is downright terrifying. Yet our leaders continue to spend like there is no tomorrow.

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