"The tide has turned": Susan Collins trails rival Sara Gideon by 12 points in new Quinnipiac poll

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    The tide has turned" on embattled Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, according to an analyst from Quinnipiac. Anew survey released this week by the non-partisan pollster found the incumbent senator trailing Maine Speaker of the House Sara Gideon, her Democratic challenger, by 12 points.

    "The tide has turned on Senator Susan Collins, who wasso popularin Maine that she won nearly 70% of the votethe last time she ran," Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Mary Snow said. "Likely voters are sending the message that there's no 'middle of the road' when it comes to President Trump, who isdeeply unpopular in the state."

    The poll, which was conducted before and after this weekend's first debate in the much-watched Senate race, found that 89% of the state's likely voters have already made up their minds. Meanwhile, 10% of likely voters could swing in either either direction. Gideon posted a 5-point leadin a Bangor Daily News pollsampled one month earlier.

    The Bangor poll includedanother statistic possibly unfavorable to Collins: Green Party Senate candidate Lisa Savage polled at about 6%. In any other tight race, a Green Party candidate could a spoiler for Democrats. But in Maine's unique ranked-choice voting system, voters' backup choices come into play if no candidate earns a majority of votes outright. Savage voters are more likely to rank Gideon as their second choice.

    Also likely troubling for the Collins campaign is a significant negative favorability rating — 43%-51%. Moreover, voters believe Gideon is honest by a 49%-33% margin, while Collins posted a 48%-42% deficit in the category.

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    In the pocket of the liberal machine, Sarah Gideon has accomplished little other than smear one of the most fair-minded and contemplative legislators we have in DC. I'd prefer someone a bit more conservative than Susan Collins, but she has my utmost respect for her conduct and ability to work across the aisle.

    Gideon is just one more vote in Congress to the DNC . . . Collins is a treasure to the nation.
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    I love that. "The liberal machine". As if anything liberal is corrupt which is what we see out of the Trump Party. Corruption end-too-end but anything liberal is supposed to be corrupt. How cute these cult members are.

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