The Time Has Come to Labal Black Lives Matter for What It Is, A Criminal Terroist Organization

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JohnHamilton, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. JohnHamilton

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    Thank you for that extensive list of RINOs. It will help me shake things out if they appear on a ballot in my state is district one day.

    As for a couple of them, I never liked George Will and always thought that he was phony. He drew a steady pay check from ABC News, which tells you alot right there.

    As for Colon Powell, he's been pissed since he figured that Bush hung him out to dry before the Iraq War. Frankly, I don't any respect for him any more, and I have felt that way for many years.

    The best thing you can say for this crew of RINOs is that they are misguided. They are really liars. and idiots. You can’t support the current version of the Democrat Party if you have any conservative principles because it’s gone totally far left.

    Biden is nothing but a mindless puppet. He is not an “old time Democrat from the good old days” who is going to keep the party from going socialist. He is senile old man who has to struggle to read a teleprompter.
    He will not last a year in office.

    Both he and Harris have spoken of their presidential quest as “The Harris – Biden Campaign.” Anybody with a brain knows that means, Harris for president, Biden for the rest home or memory care unit.
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  2. FryDaddyJr

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    the "skolar" strikes again

  3. JoeNation

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    He is pretty consistently stupid for someone that tries and fails to be an intellectual. Now I know why he has to live on his wife's pension.

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