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    Crime is out of control in Memphis.
    The situation is so bad that the mayor doesn’t even think sending in the troops can get the job done at this point.

    That's the trouble. Liberal's and enemies of America have caused this. A total unraveling of our society. The worse it gets, the people will begin to demand that the government take more power and erode their freedom starting with no guns. Crime in Memphis can be virtually eliminated in less than one month. It works this way:

    1. Catch a criminal/criminals.
    2. Evaluate their crime (all ages treated the same) with a very low bar. Hookers and gamblers exempted.
    3. Any crime against property or person. Immediate 22 cal bullet to the head behind the police station body sent to med school.
    4. Any second offender, see #3.
    5. Any drug dealer, see #3.
    6. Execute death row and any prisoners with serious crimes immediately to make way for any criminals who survive #2.

    Note: Trial is exclusively for someone with a reasonable doubt.
    Note: I expect that less than two innocent people will be killed during the month. That's too bad.

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