This is what Trump's behaviors bring to this country

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoeNation, Nov 18, 2020.

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    Statement by Arizona's Secretary of State

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    Trump doesn't change people nor their character - he exposes it. Trump is a symptom that reveals the disease.
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    While in a broad sense that's accurate, I think, it doesn't give the whole picture. At least some of the people who've solidly hitched their perceptions of reality to the Trump train probably have been changed over the past four years. There are those among them who have come to accept or even support things they would have sincerely disavowed and condemned previously. Some that were flirting with more extreme positions have now adopted them.

    There has been a wider scope for Patriots™ like the Bundy Bunch and SA wannabes like the Proud Boys to insert themselves into the scene. In turn, their prominence and overt support for Trump gives them the attention of impressionable people whose views are influenced. Speaking of impressionable people, Trump has been the duly elected president of the country for nearly four years, and has been setting an example that without question has had an effect on children who've been paying any attention.

    Now, perhaps somebody might claim that Trump sets a good example for the children of the United States. Their defense of that position would be rather entertaining, I think.
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