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Discussion in 'Politics' started by vess1, Dec 22, 2008.

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    Some candidates might hate it but I'd love to see ballots that were more in the form of a survey rather than simply names with dots to fill in. Sure it would take a little more time. But at least it would ensure the people voting were educated enough to read and would make them pick a side on an issue. I'd bet some people would end up voting for the opposite party.

    Maybe at least for the presidential candidate. Make the candidates pick answers to questions in order for them to take sides. Maybe both of them would agree on a question. Then, that one could go to both of them or not.

    List the questions on the ballot. You answer A,B,C or D or, yes or no to a series of 10 questions. Your candidate is picked for you based on how you answer the questions.

    I know this might be mind boggling for some voters and impossible to do but wouldn't it be a better way to do it? I can only imagine all the whiners though, whining about how it wouldn't be fair for the less educated.

    In the MN ballots thread, it looked like somebody sent a retard in with a pen on the one ballot. Seriously.

    I think we can all agree that the elections are too important just to have dimwits going in and selecting a name that the media has pounded into their heads. Or that somebody told them to vote for. This is a failed system. Although, one party is in favor of that system. So, it will never happen.
  2. Stu Joe

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    In most elections, all you have to do to have that happen is to eliminate party designations on the ballot. Take away the D and the R and a significant portion of the country would have no clue who to vote for.
  3. Pepperoni

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    All by mail

    Have the election board send all a balllot with a paid return envelope. You would just shift your ballot from one envelope to the mailer. Let them fill out who they will pick for whatever. That is what they do now !
  4. clembo

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    I saw your post on the MN thread and, believe it or not, can understand your frustration.

    However if someone is a U.S. citiizen, of age and wishes to vote should we make it so difficult for them to exercise that right? Doesn't matter how stupid you or I may think they are. Do they have the right? - and who would be the ones to "take it away".

    Stu Joe tossed a good scenario get rid of the D and R.
    That would certainly require more thinking. People would vote for the "big names" then play eeny meeny minee moe with the others.

    Yes, MANY "undesirables" voted in this past election. I'm sure many of them voted for Obama. He ran a good campaign. He got their attention.

    So now they feel like they "counted". Howver, if he does a HORRIBLE job do you think they'll vote for him again?
    Honestly, I doubt it. These are not "party" people. Those that helped vote him in could be the same that vote him out.

    Only time will tell though won't it.
  5. Stu Joe

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    I firmly believe that everyone has the right to vote regardless of intelligence or ignorance. I also firmly believe that countries almost always get the leaders they deserve.
  6. Pepperoni

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    On the nose

    At one time in this country you had to pass a test to get into high school. Now you have to pass one to get out with a piece of paper.
    We accept what is given to us. The American people as a whole are good people. Most have not seen what it takes to have this country.
    We need to take another step which may take many years.
    Listen to the needs and figure out how to make it happen.
    Do not accept a rolling ponzi scheme by wall street that has gome on for decades.
    Do not accept loaded ballot boxes.
    No more lies about things that keep our children waking up at night with nightmares.
    We have a right to make changes , and maybe we should all read the simple version of the constitution.
    We are The People . Politicians have stolen lied and cheated
    and we are where we are because we never acted like gate keepers. We acted like a nation of sheep.
    We might have to be strict construcionist to push the country back on track.
    Our country should not be fore sale .
    Our politicians should be put in jail for influenceing the direction of America.
    Merry Christmas

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