Todays Installment Of Evironmentalism Run Rampant

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Mopar Dude, Jan 18, 2020.

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    As Americans we have a terrible tenancy to take an initial good idea and carry it to the extreme. Such has been the case with environmentalism in my book. In the 1960's & 70's when our rivers were on fire and acid rain was falling on our cities, we took action and that was good. Now fifty years later many view environmentalism in near religious overtones. I often see reactions that border on the absurd out in my daily running around and I'll post them here for folly as I run into them.

    I had an unfortunate incident with a mailbox attacking my truck and my taillight assembly was the casualty of the run-in. Today I go to the dealer for a new taillight assembly. The man tells me that will be $67.00. He hands me the bill and it reads $147.00. Puzzled, I ask if there is a mistake. No, the man tells me. There is an $80.00 core charge..... Well, I know what a core charge is as I have turned a few wrenches in my day. So again I say, well that must be a mistake. No he says. The manufacturer wants to make sure no excess plastic goes to the landfills. This gave me quite the chuckle. If there were any plastic left, I would not be replacing my taillight assembly. So I go out in his parking lot, replace the assembly and five minutes later return the carcass assembly and get my eighty bucks. I would surmise the additional effort and amount of paper he created for this absurd transaction nullified the ridiculous core charge. Absolute absurdity.

    I hope you enjoyed today's installment. Stay tuned. More to follow.
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    I been in the commercial construction supply business for more than thirty years. I have daily communications with commercial architects and am well regarded in the architectural community (I think)... Architectural work requires boatloads of paper. It is quite common for me to receive requests from the architectural community asking that I propose my products and include seven copies of each proposed item. Been that way since forever.....

    So now we turn the clock back maybe fifteen years. All the young architects that send me their proposal requests do so via email. And each email has a cute little caricature of a little tree pleading with me to consider the environment before I print their little edict.

    So five years ago I decided to add my own verbiage at the bottom of my emails that reads, "Please feel free to print this email. Paper is fully sustainable and provides American jobs".

    It occurred to me today that I cannot recall the last time I saw a tree on the bottom of any architectural emails of late. Perhaps my retaliatory message made some sense to somebody somewhere.

    I hope you enjoyed today's installment.....
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    In another exciting installment of environmentalism run rampant........ I have served the commercial construction industry since the Jurassic period and the last 8-10 years commercial construction has been catering to the environmentalists. That's fine, but sometimes things need to be thought through...... Eight years ago the local university built a twenty million dollar business school. It was to be a pinnacle of higher education and a highlight of green building techniques. One of the more visible architectural features was a "green roof". The roof of this multi-million dollar facility is landscaped with trees and shrubbery. The first inkling of trouble was when a small hurricane passed over and the entire facility flooded from the overworked rooftop irrigation. Now some years later we have had a full years rainfall in six weeks. And yes, the school is closed due to continued flooding problems.

    Falling on the heels of the university's ten million dollar power generating facility (it was supposed to use waste as fuel) failing and permanently closing, I have to wonder if they may be getting a bit tired of catering to their young environmentally conscious students.
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    Electric vehicles, intended to reduce the carbon footprint of the fossil-fuel-burning cars they would replace do just that. They emit fewer by-products into the atmosphere.

    Unfortunately the batteries themselves add too much carbon footprint of their own, to the point that, when combined with that of the EV, the total exceeds that of the gas-guzzlers.

    To top it all off, the amount of infrastructure needed to deliver on the vision of widespread use of EV is daunting, not to mention the energy-consuming burden of concurrent charging of all EVs in a geographic area. Level-loading of the generation systems would be a good way to address that burden, but it is impractical for someone to commit to consistently charging their EV in a specified time slot, and at a specified location.

    The environmentalist desire to implement EV right now is many years ahead of our ability to succeed in this effort, and they need to pull back on the reins a bit.
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