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Discussion in 'Religion' started by Midas, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Midas

    Midas New Member

    Wonderful retort...Geesh
  2. tomcorona

    tomcorona Anti republican truther

    Sorry it wasn't several pages with lots of pictures. Don't think that you don't inspire though.
  3. Midas

    Midas New Member

    Meanwhile...the islamic jihad continues...Come on Women's rights groups!!! Where are you on this continuing madenss:

    British girl raped by Dubai waiter then charged for illegal sex with fiance instead

    Published on Fri 8th Jan 2010 13:06:46

    A British woman, who went to the police after being raped by a waiter in a Dubai hotel, found herself arrested instead for having illegal sex with her fiance.

    The 23-year-old Londoner was attacked by the waiter in a hotel toilet after she had a couple of drinks to celebrate her engagement to her boyfriend.

    But when she told cops in the strict Islamic state that she had been drinking and that she was sharing a hotel room with her fiance, they arrested her for "illegal drinking" outside licensed premises and having sex outside marriage.

    She and her 44-year-old fiance, also from London, were charged with the same offences, and they were thrown into jail with the officers in charge totally ignoring the rape case.

    The two, who could be jailed for up to six years if found guilty of the illicit sex charge, are now on bail and awaiting trial with their passports confiscated.

    The waiter is said to have followed her into the toilets and raped her while she was semi-conscious. Her fiance was initially unaware of the attack and helped her to their room, where they slept until the next day, but the horror of the rape came back to her when she woke.

    They both went to Jebel Ali police station to report it, but unsympathetic cops immediately quizzed them about breaking the emirate''s severe decency rules, which contain elements of Sharia law.

    Told you so!
  4. tomcorona

    tomcorona Anti republican truther

    WAA! More pretty pictures!!!
  5. Midas

    Midas New Member

    The jihad continues...more companies APPEASING to islam:

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    McDonald’s pulls pig toy

    McDonald's Singapore has imposed self-censorship when it decided to omit pig chracters from its latest toy promotions.

    SINGAPORE, Jan 9, 2010

    Fast-food giant McDonald’s has stirred up a controversy in Singapore by omitting pig characters from its latest toy promotions.

    The pig soft toy was expected to have been part of a 12-character Doraemon set depicting the animals of the Chinese zodiac calendar. Customers wanting the toy would have to pay US$2 (RM4.8) on top of making a food purchase.

    But McDonald’s decided not to include the pig toy to avoid offending Muslim customers, and had a Doraemon Cupid toy in its place instead.

    The move has upset Chinese customers keen on collecting all 12 toys in the series. One of them, staff nurse Daphne Koh, 26, said: “I was born in the Year of the Pig and would have collected the whole set. But without the pig, it makes no sense for me to do so.”

    Retiree May Liaw, 55, who had wanted to buy a set to decorate her home for Chinese New Year, said: “It is strange to have Cupid in place of the pig. The set is incomplete and I am not interested in individual pieces.”

    Told you so!
  6. tomcorona

    tomcorona Anti republican truther

    Man Midas..I think you're on to something. Pick a subject. Post daily updates from various sources around the globe. I know one! Corporate corruption. That should have an endless supply of material to post. Then there's 911....;)
  7. Midas

    Midas New Member

    Great....start a new thread and good luck.
  8. tomcorona

    tomcorona Anti republican truther

    and leave yours alone. I got it.

  9. Midas

    Midas New Member

    Suspect: 20 Other Muslim Terrorists Trained to Blow Up Jets

    CBS Exclusive: Terror Suspect Abdulmutallab Boasted 20 Other Muslim Men Being Prepared in Yemen to Mimic Christmas Bomb Plot

    U.K. intelligence confirms that alleged Christmas day bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boasted close to 20 other young Muslim men are being prepared to blow up planes. Armen Keteyian reports.

    British Intelligence has confirmed perhaps the most chilling boast that accused Christmas Day bomber Umar Abdulmutallab made to investigators after his arrest: that close to 20 other young Muslim men were being prepared in Yemen to use the same technique to blow up airliners, CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian reports exclusively.

    That is why, sources say, the U.S. government issued this directive last Sunday - announcing "enhanced screening" for "every individual" on U.S.-bound flights from 14 countries, including Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen.

    Told you so!
  10. Midas

    Midas New Member

    Jihadists groom children in the UK under 10

    By Marie Woolf, Whitehall Editor (AP)

    Police have identified children as young as seven being groomed for (muslim) terrorism, with some expressing a wish to become suicide bombers.

    Up to 10 primary school pupils, aged between seven and 10, have been placed on a government outreach programme for individuals considered at risk of being radicalised and turning to violence.

    Some have taken inspiration from jihadi websites or after viewing extremist material in Islamic bookshops (and the koran).

    One child was referred to the programme by his teacher after writing on a school book: “I want to be a suicide bomber.”

    Told you so!
  11. tomcorona

    tomcorona Anti republican truther

    Another child had a "vote republican" patch on their butt.
  12. Midas

    Midas New Member

    I guess it doesn't bother you that fundamental muslims are raising their children for another generation of jihad:



    Told you so!
  13. tomcorona

    tomcorona Anti republican truther

    I guess it doesn't bother you that your own government kills your fellow citizens. I wonder how many of those "masked men" have CIA ties?
  14. Midas

    Midas New Member

    "Masked Men"?? So according to your thinking, the CIA is now "masking" children so they can grow up and die for allah. Nice retort!! Meanwhile...islamic jihad happens so frequently that most apologists like yourself are simply numb to it. Case in point...

    Shop owner cleans out his shop and is accused of burning the he gets 10 years in prison.

    Faisalabad: January 15, 2010: (Shahid Anwar reports)

    On 11th January 2010, Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Additional & Session Judge, Faisalabad convicted the accused Imran Masih u/s 295-A PPC and sentenced him to rigorous imprisonment for 10 years plus a fine of Rs. 100,000.00/- and in default of payment, he will further undergo for 6 months.

    On the day of incident, he collected some rough papers and unnecessary books during cleaning up his shop, to dispose off. When he started blazing the waste papers, Haji Liaqat Abdul Gafoor (a neighboring shopkeeper) started shouting that Imran Masih was burning the pages of Holy Quran.

    Opps! See what happens when you mess with the terrorist handbook, the Koran!

    The Muslims of the locality gathered, they severely beat Imran Masih and damaged his shop too. The story spread among the mosques of the surrounding area, started inciting Muslims to take part in the assault (there's a shock), to take revenge from Christians for this outrageous act. A large number of Muslims including clerics assembled, they staged a protest, blocked the roads, chanted slogans against Christian and demanded shouting "Death to blasphemers in public”.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Only in the world of Islam! Told you so!
  15. Midas

    Midas New Member

    More Islamic Madness...

    TOBA TEK SINGH, Pakistan, January 14 (CDN) — Two Pakistanis who publically left Islam and were shot at a wedding on Dec. 26 for refusing to convert to Islam are still receiving treatment at a hospital intensive care unit, but doctors are hopeful that they will recover.

    In low, barely audible voices, Imran Masih, 21, and Khushi Masih, 24, told Compass that two Muslims armed with AK-47s in Punjab Province’s Chak (village) 297-JB, in Toba Tek Singh district, shot them in their chests after they refused orders to recite the Islamic creed signifying conversion.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    This is RIGHT from the koran that infidels must either convert or pay a ransom or fight!

    Told you so!
  16. Midas

    Midas New Member

    Girl, 13, sentenced to 90 lashes after she took a mobile phone to school

    By Mail Foreign Service - Last updated at 12:45 AM on 21st January 2010

    A 13-year-old Saudi schoolgirl is to be given 90 lashes in front of her classmates after she was caught with a mobile camera phone. The girl, who has not been named, was also sentenced to two months in jail by a court in the eastern city of Jubail.

    She had assaulted her headmistress after being caught with the gadget which is banned in girl schools, said Al-Watan, a Saudi newspaper. The kingdom's use of such punishments has been widely condemned by human rights organisations.

    Three years ago 16 schoolchildren, aged between 12 and 18, were each sentenced to between 300 and 500 lashes for being aggressive to a teacher.

    Under Saudi's Sharia or Islamic law, flogging is mandatory for a number of moral offences such as adultery or being alone in the company of an unrelated person of the opposite sex. But it can also be used at the discretion of judges as an alternative or in addition to other punishments.

    Told you so!
  17. De Orc

    De Orc Well-Known Member

    OK Midas a very harsh punishment but can I ask how you would deal with a Pupil who had assaulted her teacher? perhaps pat them on the head and give them some candy telling them not to do it again? or ground them for a week?
    Now when I was at school we had corpral punishment and it made us think more than once before talking back to a teacher and we would never have assaulted one!!
    Look at schools in the US, they have metal detectors on the entrances of many (And we are going the same way here) now I wonder how many schools in Saudi have them? Could it possibly be that we have gone to far in our coddling of people?
  18. Midas

    Midas New Member

    Oh Please...the whole point is to demonstrate that when you follow sharia (islamic madness) law, the religion of islam trumps anything to do with civil rights, women's rights ( koran 4:34, husbands are instructed how to BEAT their wives) and anything close to representing freedom and liberty.

    I would bet that the student wasn't willing to give up her phone and hence, the teacher told the islamic court that he/she was 'assaulted'...

    so let's whip her 90 these islamic animals:


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Told you so!!
  19. tomcorona

    tomcorona Anti republican truther

    Ahhh good!! The animals and pictures are back!!
  20. Midas

    Midas New Member

    Meanwhile...even my hometown of Buffalo, NY is suffering from this islamic madness:

    (Muslim) Man accused of Beheading wife claims 'abuse'

    By Matt Gryta- Buffalo News Staff Reporter - Published: January 23, 2010, 12:06 am

    - New lawyer for Hassan (Muslim) says husband was a victim, humiliated by his wife

    The cable TV executive accused of beheading his wife in Buffalo last year now claims he was the one humiliated and abused.

    Through his new lawyer, Muzzammil S. "Mo" Hassan claimed Friday that he was a "battered spouse" who was left emotionally out of control by the constant abuse his wife inflicted on him.

    Hassan's lawyer, Frank M. Bogulski, called the legal defense the first of its kind in the country.

    "The spouse was the dominant figure in this relationship," Bogulski told a reporter afterward. "He was the victim. She was verbally abusive. She had humiliated him."

    The allegations prompted an immediate rebuke from the prosecution.

    "He chopped her head off," District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III said of Hassan. "He chopped her head off. That's all I have to say about Mr. Hassan's apparent defense that he was a battered spouse."

    Hassan, 45, is charged with second-degree murder in the Feb. 12 beheading of his wife, Aasiya Zubair Hassan, 37. The Pakistani-born couple were best known for Bridges TV, the station they formed in 2004 to counter negative Muslim stereotypes.

    (So how is that working out?)

    Nancy Sanders, a former news director at Bridges TV, expressed skepticism over the new abuse claim. She noted that Hassan stood over 6 feet tall and "filled a doorway," while his estranged wife was slender and several inches shorter.

    "I never ever heard her disparage him in the workplace at all," Sanders told the Associated Press. "It just did not seem to be in her nature. She was very gentle."

    During Friday's court hearing, Hassan fired the attorney who represented him for nearly a year and replaced him with a lawyer who promised "a revolutionary defense."

    Bogulski told reporters he is "confident" he can get an acquittal for Hassan on an unprecedented defense combining psychiatric elements and legal justification.

    Homicide prosecutor Colleen Curtin Gable, though, noted that Hassan was beheaded about a week after she began formal divorce proceedings.

    Told you so!
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