Trump’s Attempt To Overturn The Election Came Right Out Of The Fascist Handbook

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    Just before the November 2020 presidential election, Jason Stanley, professor of philosophy at Yale University and author of How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them was on NPR discussing how the U.S. was losing its democratic status, and mostly because of Donald Trump. He hit on some points that really gave me pause, particularly when he defined fascism as “a cult of the leader who promises national restoration in the face of humiliation brought on by supposed communists, Marxists and minorities and immigrants who are supposedly posing a threat to the character and the history of a nation.”

    It was hard to read that definition and not think about Trumpism, a relatively new term that only came into light four years ago. Regardless of the scandals, or the tell-all books from family and former associates, Trump’s base is ready and willing to put blinders on. I remember hearing Stanley’s interview and being fearful that we might very well have four more years of Trumpism.

    Now it’s late November, and Joe Biden won the election, but Trump has refused to acknowledge this fact. Early this week, he finally (and grudgingly) accepted the decision made by Emily W. Murphy, the administrator of the General Services Administration, to begin the process of transition. However, he made sure to tweet that he would continue to “keep up the good fight” — a.k.a., keep up with his failed and laughable attempts to change the election outcome in his favor.

    Trump has tried to cling to the presidency through any legal means possible. Sowing seeds of distrust in our election system, calling every state that didn’t turn red a fraud — and literally millions of people were (and still are) willing to buy into his false arguments. And for the life of me, I can’t figure that out.

    How could so many people buy into Trump’s accusations of voter fraud with so many credible news organizations and state election officials contradicting him? Professor Stanley had a pretty interesting explanation as to why those debunked claims of voter fraud continue to persist. And you guessed it, much of it is a result of Trump using fascist moves.

    “Fascist politics transforms politics into a battlefield. And in the battlefield … you don’t care if your opponent is speaking truth or not. They’re the enemy. They want to kill you,” Stanley said in a subsequent interview with NPR. “If your leader says false things, it doesn’t matter. He’s trying to win the battle, win the war for you. So that’s the structure. And then you delegitimize the media by connecting them to your opponent, saying it’s one big conspiracy to undermine the nation, and then only you are the savior. Only you can save things. People have to have blind faith in you. And Trump has created that kind of connection between him and his supporters.”

    This right here is why — regardless of Trump’s lies, or his crazy late night tweets, or his lawyers holding press conferences at Four Seasons Total Landscaping — his followers back him up. They refuse to take their Trump flags off their trucks, and now believe that the whole election was a sham. They view politics like a war, and it is that rhetoric which is the most damaging to America and its long history of free and fair elections.

    Honestly, it was pretty easy to see this all coming. Before the election, Trump refused to say he’d concede if he lost. And according to Stanley, by not committing to a peaceful transition of power, Trump was setting the groundwork for a contested election. And once again, this was a move associated with fascism.

    “As far as President Trump is concerned, he has had a clear plan to deny the results of the election, should they fall against him, for many months. He’s been very clear about that plan,” said Stanley. “It was to use COVID denialism among his supporters to rack up a large lead on Election Day, declare victory on election evening, and then do the tactics that we are now witnessing. That plan didn’t work.” And for that reason, we’re seeing his desperate last-ditch attempts to overturn the election.

    Think back to the night of November 3rd, 2020. Many states that eventually flipped blue because of absentee votes were initially coming in red. And then in the early morning hours of November 4th, Trump went ahead and declared victory in the election despite the fact that millions of absentee votes were yet to be counted. And like so many Americans, I went to bed that night with a pit in my gut, fearful that we would have four more years of Donald Trump.

    Now here we are, with Trump still refusing to officially concede, still throwing legal challenges at election results like spaghetti at a wall, hoping something will stick.

    What gives me the most pause is that despite all major news organizations and state governments reporting that there is zero evidence of election fraud, there are millions of Americans who believe Trump’s baseless accusations. And it’s because Trump has made this not about a free and fair election held in a united nation, but an election run like a war, where the enemy cannot be trusted even if they speak the truth.

    The sad reality is, that “enemy” is not some foreign government. It is not some outsider trying to do you harm. It’s your fellow American. It’s your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. And that’s exactly why Trump, and his attempts to overthrow the election, is so dangerous. It is pitting fellow Americans against each other in the middle of a pandemic, when what we need above all else is unity.
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    Fascism never really died out after WWII. You can find pieces and straight up copies of everything the Nazis and the Italians did in many governments from South American counties to eastern block counties and beyond. The Fascist model has lived on and this country just came as close as we've ever come to following the Fascist playbook and tossing democracy aside. We dodged a bullet but the threat isn't gone by any stretch because the basics of Fascism are always available if anyone that wants to use them to leverage their way into power. All it takes is one cult of personality to get the ball rolling. Throw in some minority to scapegoat and we're off and running towards another Fascist dictatorship. It nearly happened here and that says that it can happen anywhere.
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    Is Trump's No Concession Endgame a "Stab-in-the-Back" Gambit Which Helped Bring the Nazis to Power?

    The post-World War I claim in Germany was as big a lie as the American "Biden stole the election" claim, but it came to be believed by a sizable proportion of the German population and helped lead to the collapse of the Weimar Republic.

    Monday night's announcement that the GSA will finally allow the bureaucratic machinery of the transition to begin is good news, but it by no means ends the propaganda campaign by Trump and his Republican enablers claiming that the election was stolen through massive fraud engineered by the Democrats, election officials, and the media.

    Indeed, it’s unlikely that Trump will ever concede. Even after Biden is inaugurated, Trump and his supporters will continue to claim the election was stolen and Biden is not the rightfully elected President entitled to the respect of the office.

    "While I don't mean to equate Trump with Hitler and his Republican enablers with Nazi's, the analogy to using a big lie to build an authoritarian movement may be apt."

    Many cable pundits attribute Trumps refusal to accept he lost to psychology—Trump was raised by his father, and tutored by Roy Cohn, to never accept defeat. That would make him a “loser,” which is the worst thing anyone could be.

    But what if there’s something more sinister going on: A conscious political strategy by Trump, Republican leaders, and their white nationalist allies to build a permanent mass authoritarian movement to take back power, fed by the mythology that the election was stolen and Biden can never be a legitimate President.

    Just look at the history of Germany between the end of World War I and fascism coming to power. The organizing principle of the German right during that time was the lie that Germany did not lose World War I but was instead “stabbed in the back” by civilian politicians who sold out the Fatherland, the troops, and the German people by surrendering to the allies while Germany was allegedly winning the War.

    The German “stab in the back” claim was as big a lie as the American “Biden stole the election” claim, but it came to be believed by a sizable proportion of the German population and helped lead to the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the eventual ascension of Hitler to power.

    In fact, General Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg and Chief-of-Staff Erich Ludendorff already knew the war effort was doomed and pressed Kaiser Wilhelm to allow the civilian politicians to sue for peace. Cleverly, von Hindenburg and Ludendorff kept their own fingerprints off the surrender, pushing it onto the leaders of the newly formed Weimar Republic who actually signed the armistice and Versailles Peace Treaty. The head of the civilian government, Matthias Erzberger, who signed the armistice was assassinated in 1921 as a “traitor” by the ultra-nationalist Organisation Consul.

    The “stab in the back” lie was widely disseminated by the military leadership, the right-wing political parties, and eventually by the Nazis, and came to be accepted by a sizeable portion of the German population. Ernst Rohm, a commander of the Freikorps, an armed militia which violently attacked those held responsible for the “stab in back” later became head of the Nazi Brownshirts.

    While I don’t mean to equate Trump with Hitler and his Republican enablers with Nazis, the analogy to using a big lie to build an authoritarian movement may be apt.

    Over 70 million Americans voted for Trump. According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, over half of all Republicans think that the election was stolen by Biden through widespread voter fraud and Trump “rightfully won.” That’s tens of millions of Americans who believe Trump’s lie that the election was stolen and Biden is illegitimate.

    These millions of Americans can form the basis of a mass authoritarian movement over the next few years. The institutional Republican Party no longer believes it can win national elections fairly and is willing to forsake small “d” democratic principles to regain power. That one of the two major parties in the first modern democracy doesn’t believe in democracy puts even America’s flawed democracy in great peril. If Democrats do not win the two Senate seats being contested in a Georgia Special election on January 5th, it will justify Mitch McConnell and his allies being even more obstructionist to the Biden administration than it was to the Obama administration.

    Even more ominous, Trumpism and white supremacist authoritarianism, did not begin with Trump and won’t end with his departure from The White House. It’s likely the future includes a mass authoritarian party, fueled by claims of a stolen election, determined to reclaim power and never give it up again.

    NOTE: As I was writing this piece, I just saw that never-Trump conservative New York Times columnist Bret Stephens just posted an article entitled “Trump Contrives His Stab-In-The-Back Myth.” I guess conservatives like Stephens and progressive like me sometimes agree.
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    Yep, the Trump Accountability Project is starting to take shape and they already making list for the re-education camps. I'm glad that the incoming progressives aren't like the Nazi's and Fascist they are replacing. Or are they.................

    Propaganda is a two way street.
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    frontpagemag is a right wing goober site. I assume the others are too
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    I would hope so, otherwise I hadn't done my bottom dredging. The propaganda remark was in earnest. All joking aside, do you really think Trump and his supporters are Nazi, Racist, scum?
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    Do you think they're Biden voters?
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    The people quoted in the article with the exception of conservative respondents, Yes, I think they are Biden voters. Keep in mind no one group of people are a monolithic block. Joe Biden talked unity and conciliation, Michelle Obama talked conciliation at a cost, AOC and the squad prefer internement camps and re-education for the crime of voting for Trump. Each side varies between those who simply disagree to those who think the other side are dangerous criminals. Where the majority of each party falls is anyone's guess.
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    no white supremacists or white power militants voted for Biden. These terrorists almost kidnapped Michigan's governor.
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    Are you talk about this guy and his friends


    He has an anarchist flag over his right shoulder and is part of an Anti-Cop, Anti-Government group. You may recognize the A in a Circle Anarchist logo from the spray paint on the side of buildings in smoldering places like Seattle, Portland, and Parts of Washington DC and is commonly associated with groups like ANTIFA. These are the ones that Democrat Mayors and DAs refuse to prosecute after a busy night of riot. These guys are in your court, not mine.

    Ever hear the term fake news. Quit getting you info from idiots with an agenda.
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    You have understand that @FryDaddyJr is an unreconstructed college graduate. In its unaltered form, it is a form of myopathy and mental illness.
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    Says the guy sitting in his soaking wet Depends typing away on the computer his wife's pension bought.
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    More context...........
    That ain't a Trump flag in the background.

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    Allegations of fraud and cheating should not go unanswered. Those allegations have been tested over thirty times in the courts of the United States and no appreciable evidence has been presented to support them.

    On the other hand we have a president of the United States attempting to invalidate a national election in order to stay in power. The same president has repeatedly demonstrated his autocratic tendencies and willingness to use the power of the office for his personal gain and advantage.

    Cavil about labels if you will, but history will have its judgement.
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    Have you watched the testimony. If you can rig an election, what makes you think you'll get a fair day in court. Here's the hearings in Pennsylvania. They should not go unanswered. Look at the testimony.

  17. Recusant

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    Three hours plus of unsupported anecdotes and repetitions of known falsehoods you give me? Please cite the time-stamps of what you believe to be the most damning things.

    If that's too difficult, please explain how the courts of the US have been corrupted by the Biden campaign. What is your theory? Did the demonic Democratic Party manage to brain-wash dozens of judges, some of whom were appointed by Trump?
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    My theory is that there are dozens of campaign watchers testifying under oath about election improprieties, all subject to the penalties of perjury if proven false. Maybe that would warrant further investigation instead of outright dismissal because your guy won. I guess I could cherry pick a few clips but why don't I just send you to Fox News instead. What I offered up was unedited source information which could allow you to make your own dissension, but I guess it is better to let someone on CNN to do your thinking for you. Sorry, my mistake.
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    It ain't in America either, nor is it current. From 2012.
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