Two things were said before the election

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoeNation, Nov 15, 2020.

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    The first thing that was said was, That on November 4th, we would never hear anything about COVID-19 again, ostensibly because it was only a ploy by the Democrats to keep talking about this issue as a way tar Trump with a failed pandemic response.

    The second thing that was said was, That on November 4th, we would never hear about Hunter Biden again, ostensibly because it was just a ploy by the Trump Administration to keep talking about the issue as a way to tar Biden with an air of corruption.

    I'd like to ask all of you which issue have you hear more about since November 4th? Has it been COVID or Hunter Biden?

    There are just moments of clarity that shine brightly through the cloud of lies we are exposed during every election. These two competing statements offer a glimpse into both sides and there is one clear clarion of truth and one only. Remember that next time you get suckered. You probably brought it on yourself.
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    "the whole economy will be destroyed if we have to wear masks" heard that one today
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    "we are dooooomed"
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    I heard both of those comments made a number of times. I took them at face value. It’s rather like my wife telling me she will have me bumped off for the life insurance money next time I leave my dirty shorts on the bathroom floor. Just a way to spout off some frustration (I hope)..... Covid is very real and we will hear about it for quite some time..... And I rather suspect that the house Republicans don’t have as short a memory as most elephants do. They will likely pursue this Hunter Biden mess in retaliation for four years of investigations into every aspect of Trumps presidency. If we have another logjammed four years, I will be in DC leading protests! Sick of paying my representatives to bicker...
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    I hope the Republicans get right onto doing those investigations of Hunter Biden, after they do their damn jobs and work on helping the people of the US deal with the pandemic and its effects.

    I think it's bullshit. Joe Biden, for all the nonsense said about him, was never stupid and age hasn't made him so yet. He's been in government long enough to know where the lines are. I think he's also aware of lawyers who would happily advise him on how to go around those lines legally if he were so inclined.

    What Hunter Biden may or may not have done is very unlikely to lead back to his father in a way that will prove satisfying to Republican fire-breathers like Gym Jordan. Nonetheless, they should pursue their investigations, and if they find something, all the better. I'm not in favor of self-dealing and corruption whether it's done by Republicans or Democrats.

    The silence these past four years from Republicans in the face of the corruption shown in, for instance, Ivanka Trump apparently using her position to help in getting favourable treatment from foreign governments tells me all I need to know about the true motivation for the investigations of Hunter Biden.

    "Four years" is a bit of an overstatement. In the first two years of Trump's presidency, the Democrats were unable to mount investigations because the Republicans held both the House and the Senate.

    The government investigations of the Russian interference with the 2016 election were legitimate and non-partisan. The government investigations of Trump's associates resulted in a high number of guilty pleas and convictions of those associates. The FBI is not a hotbed of Democratic ideologues, regardless of what fools may say about the agency.

    The investigations surrounding the impeachment showed that Trump had abused the power of his office in an attempt to advance his personal political advantage. People can howl about "partisan witch hunt" all they want, but the facts of the matter are clear. If Obama had pulled that sort of stunt, those same people (rightly, in my opinion) would have been calling for his immediate removal from office.
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    Look... You and I do see eye to eye on this. If my employees performed at the level of the 116th Congress, they would be unemployed right now. I am up to here with my elected officials chasing boogeymen when there is real work to be done. Frankly, I will be livid if these next four years shape up like the last four with a new set of boogeymen to chase. Either get some real work done or stop taking my paychecks.
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