Victims of Chance?

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    toughcoins Rarely is the liberal viewpoint tainted by realism

    It is all too common for liberals in pursuit of the political support of the have-nots to pander to them.

    While it's easy for all of us to fall into the superficial mindset that those not having what they need (let alone what they desire) must be addressed, it is important to recognize that their lot in life is usually the result of some other seemingly unrelated choice(s), and that correcting the root of the problem is not giving them what they need / desire, but correcting what put them in their situation in the first place. When it comes to social ills, liberals don't seem to have much energy around linking consequences with root cause, but I do.

    Succumbing to indulgences, giving oneself to distractions, failing to learn or train to deliver value, ignoring an employer's instructions, diverting what income they do earn to desires over needs, or even to vices, taking what belongs to others . . . these and more are all individual choices potentially having lasting consequences.

    As a society, we owe it to our young to help keep them on the straight and narrow until they pass the point in their lives where thoughts of their future far outnumber the myriad distractions and temptations they are given to when adult obligations do not occupy their minds. Ignoring distractions and temptations is a learned behavior . . . it does not come naturally to anyone. I repeat . . . Ignoring distractions and temptations does not come naturally to anyone.

    The lack of initiative, of hard work, of tolerance of sacrifice all play into choices made, and often cause children to skip opportunities which would proactively influence their outcome.

    America has failed its children. As a society, we have not only not discouraged children from more carefully contemplating such choices, but we seem to have empowered children to make adult choices without any intervention at all.

    It's impossible to hold the hands of everyone forever, but it's imperative that we not cut children so much slack so early in life, and that we certainly not put temptations squarely in front of them.

    To leave them the choice to make wrongly at an age when they cannot comprehend its implications for their future is outright wrong . . . shame on us.

    Returning from discussion of the children to the many underprivileged "adults" in this nation, my view is not that the underprivileged are victims of chance . . . but that they are victims of things being left to chance.

    As for " . . . correcting what put them in their situation in the first place." Well, it's neglectful parents, Dr. Spock adherents, educators indoctrinating students in lifestyle excesses, drug cartels, organized gambling, the video gaming industry and Hollywood sensationalism that brought them up wrong . . . now it's time for them to take ownership and straighten out the messes they made.
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    Good analysis; I agree.
    It's easy to pander and it makes the leftists feel good about themselves without actually fixing anything. They don't want to do the heavy lifting (or have been so brainwashed that they don't even know what to do besides pander and pass the buck).

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