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  1. Profiler

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    So the republicans with the help of the democrats passed a CR. While they didn’t fund the Ukrainian war, the pork continues. I think this was an excellent opportunity to finally pass legislation to shutdown the border and cut spending. Now that this has been pushed off for 45 days pushing this legislation until the holidays, none of the spineless will vote to do the right thing and the taxpayers are getting screwed again.
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    Truer words have never been spoken..... Isn't it incredible how the younger generation will go off the rails over a tree or a frog or a gender? And yet will have absolutely no concern whatsoever over the out of control spending that goes on in DC.... And they THINK they are concerned for their future. Almost has an orchestrated feel to it, doesn't it?
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  3. toughcoins

    toughcoins Rarely is the liberal viewpoint tainted by realism

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  4. charley

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    Look at the bright side...there will be many more healthy males looking to do odd jobs like shoveling snow in the Winter.

    Enter musical accompaniment: Always Look On The Bright Side of Life.....tadadatadadadededumm........
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  5. toughcoins

    toughcoins Rarely is the liberal viewpoint tainted by realism

    I don' think the lead pumpkin will appreciate th' Python reference . . . I wonder if he realizes he's named Trump after his own kind.
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    Same old same old

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