What the Mega-Mosque at Ground Zero Means to Worldwide Islam

Discussion in 'Religion' started by ImWithStupid, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. timesjoke

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    So you know I just proved my point in my last example and instead of admitting you now understand my point was a good one, you completely ignore this example and desperately try to go back to my first example to salvage some dignity?

    Okay, let's go back to that one, it is a good example too, I just used the 'gas' example because I figured you could better understand that the attack and damage caused was more than just the two buildings hit with planes.

    So IWS, we did not drop one bomb right? We dropped that first bomb and still Japan refused to surrender, only after we dropped the second bomb did Japan surrender and the actual damage was not the reason, it was the "fear of more bombs" that forced the surrender.


    Wez long ago claimed America was also guilty of terrorist actions and even then I admitted he was right but the reaons and motivations were completely different. It is always intent that defines an action, if I kill someone for calling me a bad name I go to jail for murder, if I kill the same man to save the life of another person I am hailed as a hero......same dead body, but the difference is intent. Wez is incapable of seeing intent, neither is Joker, all they see is the negative when it comes to their own Country.

    So the real intent for dropping the two nuclear bombs was not just to cause damage, but to instill fear and terror into the enemy and force them to react to that fear by surrendering. There is also the years of radiation and such that was also part of the nuclear attacks and that did also hurt more than just the blast zones.

    So back to 9/11.

    Was the intent of the 9/11 attacks only to destroy a couple buildings? I feel pretty sure it was not. The intent was to spread fear or "terror" (hence the label terrorist) so did their attack work? The liberals certainly act pretty scared to me..........

    But all that is still irrelivent because part of a plane hit this building in question so it is obviously a direct part of the attack and as such part of ground zero, my other point about it actually directly hurting all of America was just a expanded point of how more than just New Yorkers were harmed and why more than just New Yorkers are voicing their opinions on this.
  2. hugo

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    Since all of America is part of Ground Zero. Since TJ has already claimed to have built a mosque. I suspect he is just peeved because he did not get the contract.
  3. ImWithStupid

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    So what you're saying here is, TJ built a Ground Zero mosque, by his own claims and definitions.

    Why then would he care about the one in Manhattan?
  4. wez

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    hahahaha.. yeah.. I don't understand intent.. which was apparently the EXACT SAME according to you..

    Guess you're saying they should have nuked us.. twice..

    What a f*cking genius..

    What is ok for me to do to another human being is not ok for ANY other human being to do to me, or else ~ Times Joke

    Stinkin' hypocrite.. wake up before you and your ilk destroy the entire world..
  5. wez

    wez Big Time BS

    What he's saying is it's ok for TJ to build mosques like they're going out of style on "ground zero".. but not ok for anyone else to build them anywhere in the nation.. aka.. "ground zero".. according to TJ of course..
  6. jokersarewild

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    Pretty sure they succeeded. Look at the response to the Quran Burning in the media and such.

    What in the flying f*** do you think the ACLU does? Limit speech? Attempt to crush religious freedom?

    You truly are a moron. You didn't read what I said, did you? I said we helped the people of Afghan fight off the Russians. I never said we didn't. You keep thinking I did, I want to see the quote where I said we didn't help at all. Seriously. What I was saying is that Bin Laden wasn't actually part of the group we trained to help fight them off. He had his own independent group, doing their own thing, which eventually became Al-Queda. Nothing diminishing the US there.

    Yep, that's exactly what I was saying. America never did anything good.

    Wait, America is the sole reason freedom exists in the world? Ok, that's just taking it way, way too far. You seriously need to stop thinking America is the best thing in the world, buddy. Sure, we helped. And yes, we have freedom now. But there were quite a few years where we had slaves and such. True freedom has only been a fairly recent phenomenon. And yes, our help in world war 2 ensured that there would be free peoples throughout the world (where freedom does exist), but to say that freedom only came about because of the US is so absurd that I don't even know where to start.

    And how are we currently the biggest player? By invading other countries that have nothing to do with anything? *cough*IRAQ*cough*. By attempting to start a war in Iraq? Sure, they don't have Saddam anymore, and he was an butt hole. But now they have many, many other issues. They still aren't really "free".

    No, that's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying that you're so deeply connected that you blame people for something that they had no part in. It's like if a group of black people killed your family, and forever after you think all black people are evil. It's not true.

    I respect that you felt more for the 9/11 attacks then I did. Fact: I was in 7th grade when that went down. I actually mentioned it to my stepdad the other day, and he was like "Yeah, you weren't old enough to fully realize what was happening." And he's right. Maybe I was too young for it to affect me as it did older people. I remember the whole thing as "3000 people died because some assholes hijacked some planes. That kinda sucks." Our Social Studies teacher explained to us what happened, but to be honest, we still didn't know. And our day-to-day lives didn't really change, besides more people spouting anti-Islam rhetoric, and the moments of silence for those who died. But really, I think my detachment has allowed me a more objective view of it than you have. You're basing your opinion off of emotion, not logic and fact. You're constantly trying to look up reasons that Muslims are bad. More power to you. But no matter how much you still keep saying Muslims are bad, or that they're constantly deceptive, or whatnot, that doesn't mean they are, and means that you're still applying sweeping generalizations to a group of people based on an emotional connection you feel to something that happened almost 9 years ago. Never forget, Times. But don't obsess.

    No, asking me if I know what Taqiyya is, then saying Muslims practice it, seems to be saying "HA! They're all liars! Told you so!"


    You don't seem to understand how these terrorist groups work. Someone says something against them, they go "THEY'RE TRYING TO GO AGAINST US! THEY ARE INFIDELS!" The mosque doesn't get built? "THE US IS ATTACKING ISLAM! INFIDELS!" So honestly, it's probably better not to give them firepower. Don't say "God, those guys suck." Say "You know, Allah says peace is a good thing to do. Let us pray."

    I couldn't afford that bet anyway. I'll bet $20 that it will be built there. You seem to forget: CASHIER AT WAL-MART. I can afford to lose 20, but if I lose 100 (assuming you win), then I don't eat this month. Also, in order to get said 20 (however we're storing the money until the point the bet ends), you'd have to wait until like the 28th, as this is a three paycheck month, and I can afford to get the money out of that.
  7. jokersarewild

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    Actually, I just realized that I can't even afford that this month. I apologize, but must retract my wager.
  8. ImWithStupid

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    Notice anything missing from the Pro Mosque demonstrators?


    Bongo drums? Check.

    Bells to ring? Check.

    Mass produced signs provided by the Commie-Socialist-Labor complex? Check.

    Trite, yet catchy chants? Check.

    American flags? [sound of crickets chirping]
  9. Builder

    Builder Member

    That would be because this is a religious issue, rather than a state or national issue.

    Where are the bible-thumpers on the nay side of the fence, would be a better question, IWS.
  10. ImWithStupid

    ImWithStupid New Member

    No. It's hardly a religious issue.

    Everyone concedes that they have the right to do so, under the 1A, religious protection, so it's less than a religious issue than a sensitivity/patriotic issue.

    As for "Bible thumpers" as you call them, there are many against this, but most are far right, radical, sorts, like the douchebag in Gainsville, FL.

    I'd actually argue there are more people wanting the government to force the Pastor in Florida not to burn the koran, than want the government to stop the building of the mosque.
  11. Builder

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    Last I heard, the pinheaded pastor has called it off. He's had his ten seconds in the limelight, and most of his flock have deserted him.

    There's two sides to radicalism in any religion. Not pretty whichever way you look at it.
  12. ImWithStupid

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  13. ImWithStupid

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    To those who cling to the argument that the Mosque is being built two blocks away...



    Please point out the Burlington Coat Factory to me. Please pinpoint exactly where you want to place the Victory Mosque. Thank you!







    And even though the landing gear from one of the planes crashed through the Burlington Coat Factory building, this site has still not been searched for remains of those murdered on 09/11/01.
  14. hugo

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    Would a Quran still burn if the media was not there?
  15. hugo

    hugo Big Time BS'er

    I would say it is a football field away. Speaking of football, Mizzou beat previously undefeated perennial powerhouse McNeese State 50-6!
  16. ImWithStupid

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    Speaking of football and distances. While we're correcting the record on if this is considered "Ground Zero" or not...

  17. Builder

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    Would a fart still stink if there's nobody to share it with?

    Both very interesting questions, Hugo. :ninja:
  18. jokersarewild

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    Difference being that they call themselves that.




    And obviously, what one considers "ground zero" is opinion. So while I may not consider the site of the center "ground zero", you do.
  19. timesjoke

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    So all your willing to do is shoot off your mouth about things you know nothing about.......right? Thought so.

    I wonder why it is progressives like you say we should not hold Muslim communities accountable for the radicals they refuse to stand up to, but at the same time all of them believe one idiot buring a Quran means all of america has burned a Quran.......

    Double standard? As I keep saying but people like Joker ignore, I don't think all muslims are terrorists or are infiltrating any way they can, but I do know without any doubt that not "all" Muslims stand up against the radicals. All these radicals already want to kill us because we are infidels, nothing we do will incease or decrease their hate of the 'West'.

    We cannot appease the terrorists Joker, they are not motivated by what your motivated with, you think "be nice" and they will be nice back, and your wrong.
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