When SCOTUS.....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by charley, Apr 26, 2024.

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    ...engages in Whataboutism from the Bench, SCOTUS has failed in their Duties to The People of the United States Of America.

    I don't care one damn Neuron about some Monarch 237 years ago.

    I don't care a Half-Neuron about POTUS ordering the Military to engage in a Coup (PS...we did that over and over in foreign countries, for the last 237 years).

    I read 7 Days In May and watched the movie....does that count as evidence?

    I read Advise and Consent and watched the movie...does that count as evidence? (PS: Clause II of the U.S. Constitution. Thank YOU, SCOTUS, but my education taught me to read quite well, and certainly sufficiently enough to separate the Bullshit from Whataboutism.

    The very definition of rude and condescending actions by any Judge in any situation, is continuously interupting and berating Counsel, and not allowing Counsel to answer the Whataboutism question, as if THAT is the Foundation of the issue before the Court. That is an affront and an insult to The People.

    That is all I have to say about that.......
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    So true. But, I expected no less from the liberal/communist wing of the bench.
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    Wait now, an argument that logical fallacy should be allowed in court? Dang.
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    :rolleyes: Will someone plese repost this so that any lurkers who have me blocked can read my reply to the "fly-by" one liners of this uninformed poster. Thanks.

    This is a crooked trial that will be overturned. The Judge is abias democrat who has donated to Biden. That is the reason he is doing everything he can to screw the defense. One of his lateist wasto prevent the defense from letting an expert whitness explaine the laws involved in the case to the jury. Instead they must rely on the legal opinions of a lying criminal and what they have already read in the fake democrat press.

    There is no changing the mind of ignorant people. I had afifteen minute discussion this week with one of these enemies of the truth. Most of the time he did dot get upset yet he still tried the "well, what about thing" while trying to avoid a direct answer. He agreed that Hunter was guilty yet he did not believe Biden had any involvement in Hunter's criminality because it has not been proven! He never saw/heard of the paper trail of payoffs sworn testimony of Hunter's business partners. It is so frustrating and useless to even talk to these "flat-earthers!" The American Pres hashelped ruin our country. The one thing he did know that big money and powerful people with no loyalty to any country, religion, or political party are doing their best behind the scenes to run the world.
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    Ask and ye shall receive!
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    The only way to rid a room of a cockroach is to turn on the light of truth and knowledge!
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