Why NOT to Marry a Negro~~~

Discussion in 'Religion' started by clembo, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. clembo

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    ...or even consider it in at least one church in Kentucky.


    Now I am not a religious person. Stories like this are a part of the reason why.
    I'm not out here to bash Baptists either although, honestly, I do find the majority of them to be some of the most irritating people I've ever met.

    Now a very good friend of mine is Baptist. A very religious family as you might imagine. He has 7 siblings. One is a preacher. One is gay. The gay one is not an outcast. Their view is to keep loving him and eventually he'll be cured.
    Sorry, good friend or not I'm not buying that one. He's gay and always will be.

    My friend has done missionary work as have a few of his siblings. His sister did some work in Nigeria and guess what? She came home with a very large Nigerian man. He has been her husband for many years now. Now get this. He's a negro. A very dark negro as that's how it tends to work there.

    The family never had a problem with this for some reason. Maybe it was because both she and her husband were "doing the Lord's work"?
    They never took the approach of "we'll love him and eventually he'll turn white". He's a negro and always will be.

    So what do you folks think? Is this church in Kentucky maybe a teeny bit racist? I'm certainly not speaking for the members of the congregation but it seems so to me.
  2. IQless1

    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    I heard the church still allows the couple to come and worship with the rest of the congregation, so maybe they'll learn something from the couple over time. It's unreal to me personally, but what a church does or doesn't allow isn't going to affect me personally... unless they make laws... then I'd chirp a bit. That said... it's still unreal. But, most religions are like that to me lol
  3. IQless1

    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    I hope dozens of mixed-race couples attend that church daily from now on :D
  4. KLJ

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    Anybody note that the final vote was 9-6 when 35-40 people attended? Even if the 25 or so people who didn't vote were all racists trying not to appear that way, it's clearly a very small congregation. In a very rural, Applachian community (Pike County is on the Kentucky-West Virginia line). This story is more about the scream of institutional racism dying, rather than its resurrection.

    Let's also be careful about lumping all Baptists together. Free Will Baptists certainly aren't American Baptists (the old Northern Baptists), who likely would boot a congregation out for doing this, or even Southern Baptists, who are the largest of the Baptist groups, and whom many people associate with pre-civil rights era Southern racism.
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  5. PTD

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    If the Baptists are trying to compete with the Catholic Church on which religious organization is the most evil, I think they're falling short by a long shot. I mean, this just doesn't even come close to comparing to the millions of young children that the Catholic priesthood has raped over the years, let alone compare to all the other crimes against humanity that the Catholic Church has perpetrated.
  6. clembo

    clembo Well-Known Member

    Are you Peter or Aidan?
  7. HollysMom

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    I honestly can't believe you posted this. The fact is that the Catholic Church is a large enough organization to mirror the population of the United States. There are about 2% to 3% of the general population who abuse children in that (general) age group. It stands to reason that there will be the same number of sex abusers in the church, as well. In addition, not every single one of those claims was a legitimate claim. In any high profile case, there are a number of people who seek to cash in on that case. My roommate's brother-in-law was all ready to step forward with a false claim, but he died before he was able to do so. He certainly wouldn't be the only one. The fact is, no church or any other organization is made up of entirely good people. The Baptists may not seem to have as many men doing the same thing as the Catholics, but I bet they do (statistically speaking), as might the church I belong to. In addition, my church and the Baptists have their share of men who are adulterers or who abuse their own children. In general, however, the men who are involved with the church are not much different than any other people.
  8. Andy

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    burning in the lakes of fire in hell. Memories of Aidan.

    Who uses the word Negro. Thought that went out over forty something years ago.

    Hey, wonder what Aidan thought about the earthquakes in his home of New Zealand.
    There are no earthquakes in England but then again they have a royal family to protect them.
  9. tomcorona

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    All I can say is you'd better check with the slave owner before marrying a "Negro", as it's likely somebody from the right wing probably already holds title to them..
  10. De Orc

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  11. Andy

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    "According to reports from the British Geological Survey, the 2.2-magnitude tremor hit at 02:40 GMT and lasted for a few seconds." taken from your link.
    As you can see the Royals kept it small and short, there is a joke in their somewhere,:cool: like any Monarch with devine right would.
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  13. Moen1305

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    They sound like a congregation that hasn't had much exposure to the outside world. At least not on a personal basis.
    So folks, welcome to the big wide world. The only real problem interracial couples have in society today is with people like you. By the way, we just call them couples. ;)
  14. clembo

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    Think of the movie Blast from the Past. "Oh my lucky stars. A Negro."

    I guess I should have said colored.
  15. clembo

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    "He said he told church members on Sunday about the decision and proposed a resolution to promote "peace, love and harmony."
    He said the resolution to welcome all believers passed with a unanimous vote. "

    Of course it did. National media attention will do that at times (even if it's just the internet for the most part).
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  16. dkramer

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    My mother-in-law is Southern Baptist and she is racist but I believe she was that way before she became a Southern Baptist. She has been through most of the religions because someone at church will make her mad and then she'll change. Well, her daughter has decided to marry a black man and now she's fine with it. I'm glad for her daughter's sake but I don't understand why it's wrong, in her head, for everyone else but not her daughter. I just don't understand the concept myself...people are people. My daughter dated a black boy and my mother-in-law tolerated because he had a white mother and a black father so she didn't consider him completely black. It drove me up the wall. Why can't people just be people?
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  17. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    Maybe people ARE being people and that is the problem. I find that the most bigoted people are the ones that have had the least actual experience with people of other races. My father was a pretty racist person his whole life and he had almost no experience with any people of color. I think for most people it is just fear that drives their racism. They tend to look for the things that reinforce their own stereotypes. I pretty much dislike southern racists because I was raised in the North. Ironically, one of my favorite people in the world is a woman from New Orleans that works in my college. Apparently, I don't dislike all southerners, just the racist ones. :D
  18. HollysMom

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    How do you feel about racist Yankees?
  19. IQless1

    IQless1 trump supporters are scum

    I'm not a fan of the South either, but for my own reasons: It's too hot. :eek: Bikini-laden beaches are awesome though lol

    (to Coin): ...and no Coin... I don't wanna see your version of a bikini-laden beach :oops:
  20. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    The same, but they usually keep their racism to themselves. Like I said, my dad was a racist yankee and we did not see eye-to-eye on much of anything.

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