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Discussion in 'Religion' started by Mopar Dude, May 28, 2021.

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    I think you're overestimating this perceived "plague on America". Every single generation says the same things about the generation that follow them. At least some people in each generation do.

    Instant gratification has increased with technological advances for certain. We get paid faster, arrive at our destinations faster, we prepare food faster, we pretty much do everything faster than the last generation did.

    So how is the expectation that the next generation wait for things like their parents had to any kind of a criticism of their ability to wait for things in general? You're kind of saying, "Never mind the speed of acquisition, just wait the same amount of time for everything your parents had to wait for." What sane generation would have done that? You didn't.

    Did you travel by horse and buggy today perchance? Did you wait for the Milk Man to deliver your bottles of milk this week? Did you order anything online EVER! Well, your parents were probably thinking that you had to have instant gratification. Were they right about your generation?
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    Thank you for that!

    I listen to everyone I can. If I'm the one who is brainwashed, I want to know! On one hand, we have the wisdom of the millennia culminating in the U.S. Constitution...and on the other hand, we have a bunch of 20-somethings tearing down statues and telling us everything we've learned is wrong and evil.

    That's a tall hill to climb...but I'm listening. I'm sure if I can get to the eye of Hurricane FryDaddy, I'll find a caring, compassionate person. He's a coin collector, after all. ;)
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    The Proverb is a basic Tenet of the Jesuits.

    Cura Personalis. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.
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    The fundamental difference between the Left and the Right seems to be that the Right believes in God and the Left believe they are God. So why doesn't the Right believe in the Left?
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    According to Mark 16: 18, true believers can heal the sick. Obviously there must be a huge shortage of true believers.
  6. charley

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    Read Confucius....not Confusedis.

    Read bible..... not Libel.

    Read Koran....not Zian.
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    I thought we were all atheists.

    Makes it tough to believe you're God if you don't believe in a God.
  8. charley

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    Fixed ( ).
  9. yakpoo

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    Believers =
    You don't have to believe in a God to believe in yourself...and your Godly powers.
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