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Discussion in 'Religion' started by craigG, Jun 20, 2006.

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    [QUOTE='Ol Silver]Amen! :high5:[/QUOTE]Who would Jesus nuke? :goofer:
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    Gotta love the less fortunate.:)
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    [QUOTE='Ol Silver]Gotta love the less fortunate.:)[/QUOTE]Good come back. Whatever the hell it means.
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    Interesting question. The book When God Says War is Right by Darrell Cole actually spends time on this issue. Cole argues that there are certain situations when the use of TACTICAL nuclear weapons would be within the realm of the Christian Just War theory.

    I went to a very liberal seminary, and my conservative theology was not terribly popular with my professors. You can imagine my surprise when I got, from a Yale educated liberal, an A on a Christian Ethics paper in which I argued that the use of atomic bomb on Hiroshima (although not necessarily Nagasaki) was ethically correct. I'm not sure I'd make the argument in the same blanket aggressive fashion I made it 4 years ago, but I'm still surprised I got the A.
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    It was a rhetorical question. Although having just read a great book on the Christian Right, I miss our previous theological debates.
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    While the Christian Right (bible thumpers like my ex) have their flaws (like my ex), they are not out there blowing themselves up, enslaving non-Christians, overly taxing non-Christians or killing non-Christians in the name of God, as outlined in the Bible.

    To compare or associate the Christian Right to Islamic fundamentalism is an agrument you see from the left who are pretty much godless anyway. Since many in the far left have little faith in a supreme being, not of this Earth, they try to make the case that if you go to church regularly, you are a nut job. Remember these definitions as laid out by liberals:

    Anyone who believes in God: Religious freak.

    Anyone who believes in God AND prays: Religious zealot.

    Anyone who believes in God AND prays AND goes to church at least monthly: Radical, right wing religious nut case who wants to take over the country and force them to pray.

    Any Republican that mentions God or Jesus in a speech: Radical, right wing, fundamentalist American Taliban. NOTE: It's ok for Dems to mention God, since the whacko's are pretty sure he doesn't mean it.

    I have no problem in who people pray to or worship...but when your religion starts affecting my well being and safety (as per Islamic jihad), I will take you to task.
  8. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    Either you don't know any Liberals what so ever or you have bought into a pretty heinous stereotype to enhance your own beliefs. I have met countless Liberals and Conservatives in my almost 50 years here on Earth and I can say that I could probably count on one hand the number of folks that strictly don't believe in some type of God.

    I think that you’ve probably bought into the Conservative “values” issue that dominates the Right. It’s just as false as Liberals believing everyone on the Right is anti-abortion and fiscally conservative. It’s just a gross generalization on both parts. For every “Godless” Liberal you can point out, I can match it with a “pro-abortion” Conservative. The issues are just simply not that black and white.

    Like I’ve said before, it’s not Christians that are any kind of problem at all, it’s the Fundamentalist Christian Right that seeks to instill Christian authority over constitutional law in this country that isn’t so unlike Muslims using Islamic law to govern their countries. And it isn’t Republicans but the incredibly strong ties to the Republican Party are enhancing this groups influence well beyond their numbers. Evangelicals, although not all of them, are a major force in this movement. The movement seeks to have Fundamentalist Parents home-school their kids until they can send them off to a Fundamentalist college like Patrick Henry College where they are further indoctrinated into Fundamentalist dogma and upon graduation are placed in high government positions through their contacts in the Bush administration. With a goal of Christianizing the Federal Government and making Christianity the basis for deciding legal issues such as abortion, gay rights, separation of church and state just to name a few. Does that sound radically different from Islamic clerics fomenting anti-western sentiments among Muslims to you?

    I think focusing on the byproducts or symptoms of radicalization such as suicide bombers is just missing the point in a grand way. You should really do some investigation of what your party is doing by supporting these Fundamentalists and their aims of taking over the reins of power in this country. It isn’t so unlike the rise to power of many fascists in Europe in the early part of the 20th century.

    A bit on Patrick Henry College and Michael Farris:
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    OK, maybe saying all liberals are "Godless" is a reach, but the fact of the matter is that more conservatives attend some type of church service on a regular basis far and above those people who defend liberal politics. I have seen survey after survey that definitely support my claim.

    If you throw out the black baptist churches that pass around the collection plate for Jesse Jackson, these numbers would further tilt in the conservative's favor of who is more religious. Now, I know praying and going to church makes us religious zealots and heaven forbid if these people vote because according to liberals, we are now FANATICS...quick, where is my C4 bomb vest???

    As for your little video...why is it that nobody says anything about all the liberal garbage that is spewed courtesy of the likes of Harvard, Yale, Berkley and other liberal institutions??

    But when a little college comes out (with only 300 graduating seniors) who are proud to push conservative values, why is that you get your panties up in a bind???

    Funny...not once doing the video did I hear death to Israel or death to Islam. Not once did I hear death and enslavement of non-Christians. Not once did I hear or witness a Christian student holding the Bible along with a M16 rifle. Not once did I hear that Christianity is in a world wide struggle, or in arabic, jihad. Not once did I see these students plan for the destruction of a U.S. landmark or the gas poisoning of a N.Y. subway.

    ...and I am still am waiting for this supposed legislation that has been passed and enacted into law that makes Christianity the law of the land!

    You want to worry about these people over the likes of islamic animals that are getting caught (Thank God for that...opps, sorry if that offends you) on a weekly basis??? Why don't you worry about the liberals that poison our college students with mush that government and more taxes are the answer to society's woes? Of course if student argues againt these liberal professors (who couldn't make it in the real world), they could fail and who in college wants to fail?

    I had liberal professors in college and I always raised my hand and articulated a rebuttle. Some of my best friends would ask if I was going to a certain class so they could watch the "show". My Dad told me if I would just shut up and take the professor's viewpoints (his B.S.), I could at least did better than a C or D in the course, but I HAD to open my mouth when I heard some of the crap that was spilling out.

    Go ahead and worry about conservatives that attend church, pray, and vote...I will focus my time and energy on the real enemy of the civilized world...islamic fundamentalists and their islamic jihad!
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    Watch it Midas, you're looking a little too patriotic!
  11. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Not Republican!

    I don't know of any surveys that would or could back up that assetion. But if what you are trying to say is the Conservatives are better Christians than Liberals because they go to church more often and pray more often, I would have to say that the strength of a Christians values aren't how often they pray or attend church but rather how the live their lives the rest of the time. Got a survey for that too?

    Why are we throwing out black churches again?? Religious zealots, NO! Better Christian, HELL NO!

    Because mainstream institutions do not have the aim of Christianize the Federal Government. They can teach their students anything they want but when they want to inflict their beliefs on my government and make Christian law superior to constitutional law, I have a problem with them.

    First of all Ouuuh! Panties? Their values are Fundamentalist to the extreme not Conservative. Big difference. In post after post you fail to see the difference again and again. It's almost as if you an only see any group as having only one mind set. Society is much more diverse than your perception allows for.

    You have to get over this fixation with Islam. They are foreign, this threat is local and you support their cause by remaining ignorant of the threat.

    Unfortunately so are they. See what you can find out about Reconstructionist theory that calls for a stealth strategy to Christianize politics and culture. Read Gary North's 1981 aricle in the Journal of Christian Reconstruction if you think these people are just Conservative bible-thumps. Far from it.

    I have this incredible ability to consider more than one threat at a time. My wife is a professor and could triple her income if she went to work for one of the pharacutical companies that regularly head hunt her. Not being a Republican she isn't only interested in cash and I admire her for that. You want more Conservatives in Universities, start paying professors more. There isn't a Conservative on the planet that would spend 20 years getting a PhD and accept a starting salary of 30 to 40 thousand a year.

    There is a know-it-all in every class. I think most of them have a well deserved inferiority complex.

    I'd suggest something for you to read but you seem to know everything already. Makes for a pretty bumpy life I'll bet.
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    Patriotism. Some Americans embrace it while other Americans prefer to attack it. To everyone... What were you doing when you were 18?
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    [QUOTE='Ol Silver]Patriotism. Some Americans embrace it while other Americans prefer to attack it. [/QUOTE]While others prefer to wrap themselves in red, white, and blue and play the game, "who is the most patriotic", and pretend they are the most patriotic Americans since the founding fathers. Whatever they need to do to stroke their egos I guess. :pencil:
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    Patriotism. Some Americans embrace it while other Americans prefer to attack it. To everyone... What were you doing when you were 18?
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    I would venture to say that Mr. Moen has never spent any time in the United States Military. Just a feeling, and I might be wrong. Am I?:confused:
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  17. KLJ

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    What does it matter if he did or didn't? Being in uniform is no guarantee of correct thinking, or corrector of bad thinking. I've never served in uniform, yet I call myself Christian, Evangelical, and Republican (i.e correct thinking all around). My congressman - John Murtha - served in the Marine Corps during Vietnam and look at the crazy things he says. Jimmy Carter was a graduate of the Naval Academy, for heaven's sake.
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    You don't need to serve in the military to be patriotic, but sometimes it helps. Sometimes you can never really get a grasp on how great you have it being an American until they send you to some armpit of the world and you see the squalor that even their "middle class" live in. When people are scared to say what they think or speak up against anything. I am reminded that I can see a thousand a@#%*&!s protesting our military and not being shot for it. Joining the military can open ones eyes, or it can close ones heart. But what it can't do is show you that America has it all wrong, because if we did other countries would be the land of plenty and not the United States
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    I don't know about that, My buddy Dave served in the AF in Japan and he has many many many stories of soldiers acting shamefully over there. One guy stole a jet ski off of a display. When he was caught they would not turn him over to the local justice system instead they gave him a tiny slap on the wrist. If you know a first sergent ask them for some stories about soldiers misbehaving overseas (and be prepared to be surprised!). What could be more UNpatriotic than representing the nation in this shameful way?
  20. bqcoins

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    Danr, bad apples are a fact of life, you don't need to serve in the armed forces to witness people behaving badly and representing our country poorly overseas. I don't beleive that behaving badly has much to do with patriotism as it does with idiocy but it does allow people of other nations to cast all americans in a sterotypically bad way. I would just call it UNcivilized

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