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Discussion in 'Politics' started by CoinOKC, Feb 24, 2024.

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    If the liberals hadn't cheated and selected (not elected) that pathetic, frail Mr. Burns as president, Donald Trump would be ending his second term in about a year and he would be headed to Mar-a-Lago and you wouldn't have to hear or see him anymore.


    In less than a year, Donald Trump will be president again and you stupid liberals are going to have to keep crying for another 4 years.

    You brought it on yourselves.
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  2. toughcoins

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    They think they can cheat with impunity , and anytime they feel like it . . . But we'll be watching like hawks this time around.
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    Well….. Just remember what happens when you question the integrity of an election.
  5. toughcoins

    toughcoins Rarely is the liberal viewpoint tainted by realism

    We'd likely have lost no more Americans to COVID than we did under Biden
    We'd probably have dumped far fewer dollars from helicopters and kicked off less inflation
    Many more businesses would have survived, and there would be many more jobs to choose from
    More Americans would be paying taxes toward the benefits they are receiving
    There would be less crime in America than there is now
    We certainly wouldn't have 8 million more illegal immigrants in the USA than we had at the time
    We wouldn't see demand for 2 million additional domiciles driving rents and home prices further skyward
    This unnaturally accelerated electrification of the automobile wouldn't be crashing for lack of infrastructure
    Putin wouldn't be in Ukraine, Iran wouldn't be stirring the pot, and Xi wouldn't be banging on Taiwan's door
    We wouldn't have driven so many nations to trade in other currencies by weaponizing the Dollar

    Most importantly, The American People would still feel a sense of purpose . . . something that today is lacking

    Stupid is as stupid does, and it isn't just Joe Biden who caused this . . . he had the full support of his administration, and of the Democrat party. They must not be trusted again.
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    Here is the hing...Both Republicians and Democrats cheat in the elections; however the Democrats are organized cheats and have been doing it for years making the cheater ratio at least 60-1. In spite of that, Trump won the first time because he had enough support to overcome the cheating. He would have done the same the second time except for several important changes, The Democrats illegally changed the voting in PA AGAINST THE STATE CONSTITUTION and the Supreme Court ducked its responsibility and would not hear the challenge. Covid allowed the extension of voting, the lack of poll watching UP CLOSE so it mattered, and changes such as unsupervised drop boxes. These and other changes made the election as close as it was. The Democrats won ONLY because the LEGALLY HARVESTED VOTES in states where it is allowed (somethig the Republicans are not doing very well if at all) were enough to fill the gap they would have lost by!
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