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Discussion in 'Religion' started by PTD, Aug 15, 2006.


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  1. jwevansv

    jwevansv All-knowing

    Of course tempers will rise in a political debate, but to sweep it under a childish "he said she said" game is wrong while not confronting the real problem (another member trying to post other me,mbers personal information in a forum). I could care less who gets banned I just want someone (an admin preferrably) to denounce any such action in the future instead of brushing it off as a childish game and take it for what it really is, a personal and dangerous attack on a member of this forum!

    MOEN, you may hold some forum sway in this decision, but realize you made a huge mistake in TRYING to oust a persons personal info. Deny it all you want by saying it is anyones knowledge since it is on the internet, that doesnt mean what you did was right. That is another cowardly response. You are a liberal and you cant stand that title! You are what you are.
  2. Spider

    Spider New Member

    nah, you are just staying ahead of the game, every battle is gonna get tougher in that section

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    it would be good to have no names visable in that section so people could not hold a grudge against others, but that also has tons of disadvantages (if that makes sense to anyone)
  3. CoinOKC

    CoinOKC T R U M P 2 0 2 4

    It's part of being human. I think highly of you for admitting such.

    I must agree with AJM; this is an "opt-in/opt-out" section of the forum. As such, I expect occasional name-calling, a few "blue" words, very heated debate, extremely strong opinions and emotions, etc. I don't mind these things, hence I "opted-in".

    Unfortunately, I think Peter's input has caused some to feel that this section of the forum will no longer tolerate the things I've mentioned. After all, "Shut up, opt out or get banned" doesn't leave much room to maneuver.

    Most unfortunately, it looks as if we've lost OldDan not only from PRWE, but the entire Coin Talk forum... very, very sad.

    I hope OldDan reads this, realizes that Peter overreacted (as he stated) and comes back to the forum. It just won't be the same without him.
  4. ajm229

    ajm229 New Member

    If you'll please re-read my post, I did say
    Censure meaning "to denounce as inappropriate or improper." As I would hope you can see, nobody (nobody serious anyway) is "brushing it off" - but like I said, too big a deal is now being made of this issue.

  5. jwevansv

    jwevansv All-knowing

    I also see this in your same post and sounds very confusing if you want censure. Are you an admin ajm?
  6. ajm229

    ajm229 New Member

  7. jwevansv

    jwevansv All-knowing

    IMO and not to offend Peter, but what I meant by brushing it off was the fact that he is comparing a serious known event and presenting it as a "he said, she said" childish game, where you have no idea what was actually said or done, when in fact we ALL know what someone did!
  8. ajm229

    ajm229 New Member

    And it's done now.
  9. jwevansv

    jwevansv All-knowing

    What was done? A poll related to a he said she said arguement that had nothing to do with the original wrong-doing? I am sure I am getting pretty old to a person or two in this forum by continuing with my positions, but I just want an Admin. (preferrably) to admit what was really done and not to mis-label it as a childish act, by doing that it looks as if I am the one who is playing some childish game. I am done harping now I will look at my coins again.
  10. ajm229

    ajm229 New Member

    About time....
  11. GDJMSP

    GDJMSP Member

    OK, now I'll post. Any more behavior or posts like those I just deleted and the the members who make them will pay the consequences. Nuff said.
  12. jwevansv

    jwevansv All-knowing


    I value your insight on just about every post you make, BUT when I am getting undue attention for confronting a member of our forum and then some member (ajm) makes a smart-ass comment about me when I was trying to let it die, I am going to respond. I haven't seen an Admin. or Moderator get to the root causes of some of our members, instead we get threats and no condemnation of the parties who start it. From some of the PM's I have been getting from members it seems some members are getting preferential treatment for their actions. And most of the PM's have been strongly on my side. It seems I have gone from victim to victimizer! If I am going to pay a consequence for telling someone to f-off for making a smart ass comment towards me and another member gets to stay for posting personal information, that will be a big shame!
  13. PTD

    PTD Administrator Moderator

    jwevansv, why are you keeping this thread alive? Doesn't seem to be doing anyone any good for you to be keeping the discussion going.
  14. jwevansv

    jwevansv All-knowing

    My post above states my case clearly. Your post above states my case clearly as well, that the perpetrator of what caused all this discussion hasn't been condemned for his actions instead I get questioned! Many have PM'd me stating MOEN is probably someone's "teacher's pet" in here, and it looks like that is exactly what is going on here. Not only that, but why are you so concerned about me keeping the discussion going if it has everything to do with me? You allowed Islamic Coins to spew hatred against the US for as long as he did, and as soon as I question an Admin. regarding personal info. posted about me you ask me why I am keeping this thread alive? Man, the world is upside down. I hope you don't delete this post and censure this post.
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