Zelensky's visit to Ottawa

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    A great leader meets a mediocre PM (Trudeau)

    Zelensky gave a tremendous speech to the Canadian parliament. The House Speaker then introduced a 98 year old Ukrainian WW2 veteran/ who got two rounds of applause from everyone there. Later/ some media outlet pointed out that the veteran served with the 14th Ukrainian Waffen SS volunteer division "Galicia". This news got the "woke" crowd into a hysteria. News headlines declared that the 98 year old vet was a Nazi SS butcher. Russian propagandists were overjoyed/ Putin stated, see I told you my special operation was to denazify the Ukraine/ starting with der f├╝hrer Zelensky!
    Let's get our history straight.
    Ukraine (Galicia) was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1918/ after the "allies" dismembered the German/ Austro-Hungarian/ Ottoman Empires in revenge after WW1/ many new Countries were created/ one was Ukraine. In 1921 the Reds (Bolsheviks) won their Civil War vs the "good guys" Whites. In that year they invaded and annexed the Ukraine State and added it to the "Soviet Paradise"
    By 1929 Stalin ordered his "fixer" Lev Kaganovich to solve the Kulak problem...but not to use too many bullets. By 1934/ Kaganovich murdered upto 16 M kulaks by stravation/ aka "the Famine of 1930-34. Fast forward to 1941/ German wehrmacht was unstoppable/ 3 Soviet Armies were annihilated neat Kiev/ Stalin ordered his "murder Inc." the NKVD to shoot all male Ukrainians who might join the Germans/ a 100 K were shot.
    So/ why wouldn't all Ukrainians who survived the Soviet hell/ not join up with the wehrmacht and kill Russians? Afterall they (Germans) promised the Ukrainians that they would serve in a all Ukrainian Waffen SS division/ and fight for Ukraine independence. Another fact/ all foreigners who wanted to fight the Reds had to fight in SS uniforms/ the SS had first pick from ethnic minorities/ while the Heer (Army) had first choice from German males.
    Getting back to the 98 year old vet/ no one knows for sure about his combat record/ but we do know the Putin is a cold blooded corrupt murderer/ and that Zelensky is the greatest leader of this century.
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    An outstanding history lesson, but, as usual, I note the absence of the Ukrainian Cossack story at that particular period, and the actions of Nazi Germany AND the Soviet Union concerning the Ukrainian Cossacks.

    I think it may have counteracted the woke crowd, and caused them to seek a dose of night-night pharmaceuticals.
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    Actually I had a client who was in Bomber Command during WW2. He witnessed when the Brits handed over Cossacks (they surrendered to the British) back to Stalin's NKVD in Summer 45. These poor guys were all shot. Too bad that no one listened to Patton/ as he wanted to continue the War vs Reds/ rid the World of Stalin and his murderous Regime.
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    Exactly. The factual historical Cossack Story, concerning what Galicia was and wasn't, is usually ignored when the Subject is discussed.

    Victors are blessed with the power to alter History to their own uses......
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