A religious arguement in support of abortion

Discussion in 'Religion' started by c jay, Aug 12, 2013.

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    We'll get there, if we keep our focus on what's important. NASA keeps focusing about Mars, instead of the Moon, for instance.

    Yes, Mars will make for a "lovely" (blah lol) new home, but the Moon is the ideal place to learn some important lessons on survival in a harsh environment. It helps that it's relatively close to Earth, relatively cheap to travel back and forth with materials and such.

    Even that can't happen in today's society, unless private $$$ is allowed access to the Moon...granted certain rights to the resources there, for example. Our government can't even provide a comfortable life for a significant portion of it's citizens, so spending that amount of $$$ on the Moon is a bit too ludicrous to consider at this point in time.

    Once we do commit though, an important lesson is going to be redundancy in populations. By that I mean having "settlements" spread around the surface, which shouldn't be a problem once a sufficient number of people/private-enterprise gets up there.

    I'm not thrilled with the prospect of private ownership of portions of the Moon, but I know we have to if we want to get a sufficient amount of people off this planet before the next big extermination event, which is overdue, imo.

    Oh, and to keep this on subject: abortions are going to happen on the Moon and Mars too. The reasons will be somewhat differently focused than what they are here on Earth, but it's inevitable that it'll happen when humans are around.
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    Many other religions/cultures are more brutal towards women, in general, and will often kill newborns if they are born female.

    I don't think religions mandate that, although cultures will. Religions will allow it.

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