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Discussion in 'World Events' started by GeneWright, Jul 13, 2020.

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    The daily Covid cases in my state have been on a steady decline since late July. My church is even going to allow a very minimal attendance this Sunday..... Now, I have said here before that I don't have the ability to keep up with news the way I would like but there was some talk here not long ago about Covid numbers potentially being manipulated by the administration. Was that factual? Am I being lulled into a false sense of security here?
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    Kind of. The HHS took over and lessened the guidelines for who needs a test and what counts as a covid death. That could be contributing to lowering the numbers of cases. However I don't think it was as impactful as I initially feared it would be.

    To be honest, it doesn't seem South Carolina has a good handle on their cases based on positivity rates.

    Ideally you want to see positivity rates stable below 5% to know you have adequate testing capabilities. If it's more than that or unstable, it indicates the numbers are underrepresenting the actual case numbers.

    See the difference between South Carolina


    And illinois

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    Wow... That is quite telling
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    Not being a medically minded sort of fellow.... What is the reason that a virus seems to thrive in colder weather? Is it because we tend to all be inside and closer to one another when it is cold outside?
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    Partly that, but also it travels better in the cold. There's a shell around many virus, covid included called the lipid envelope.


    That envelope is heat sensitive and melts pretty easily. So when it's cold outside, the virus can travel further and stay infectious outside the body longer.

    Influenza is the same. The cold is why we have flu seasons even though it's technically around all year.
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    Thank you for that enlightening response. I totally get it. Thank you much.
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    Sure thing!
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