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    I am not offended. I'm just surprised at how many times I've heard someone say the same thing lately..like, what's the big deal.. And you are correct, we are probably all a sorry lot, eating this stuff up.

    Regarding the mudslide, I am equally 'taken' by this event. For this event, I can actually do something to help in some way. Which means naught to anyone but me. Both stories are unfathomable to me.

    And folks are tired of hearing about it. I get it. A month ago..

    Maybe I need to find another story to read!

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    826. Decompression – a method to kill (4/9/2014)

    This is not the first time they used this method to create an air accident. The similar action they have done in 2005. Here I quote my article #352 wrote eight years ago:

    Among these air accidents, the Greek one was exactly the same method – with decompression to kill everyone on board the plane.

    In each plot to eliminate me, the Feds used to have planned accidental death for my relatives, either in trip by cruise or by air. I tried my best to record each plot. When the Malaysia airliner incident happened, I immediately recalled the 2005 case. In 2005, they created four air crashes in one month to impress public that air incident was not that unusual. This time they made it a mysterious missing so the topic could occupy a period of time in media to impress public. The purpose is to replace multiple crashes.

    Supplementary to 826.

    352. Pre-psychological propaganda (10/22/05)

    On 7/7 and 7/21, there were bombings took place in London. It was a cover up operation to justify the plotted master bombing in US. To deceive the public that these were the work of Al Qaida. The unusual events happened in same day (July 21) may prove my allegation.(see #330)

    Then Feds planned a big action day in September.(9/24) They also planned an elimination of my family members and arranged a trip accident for them. To make the accident not so unusual, Feds, too, prepared a series of airplane accidents to cover up it. In three weeks from 8/14 to 9/5, there were four big air accidents.

    1. On 8/14, a Greece plane crashed near Athens, 121 killed.

    2. On 8/16, a West Caribbean Airways plane crashed in Venezuela; 152 killed.

    3. On 8/24, a TANS Peru plane crashed in the Amazon jungle, killing 37.

    4. On 9/5, an Indonesian jetliner crashed in North Sumatra, killing at least 60 of passengers. (The above information were from news of the day.)

    When I first heard of Greece accident, I only impressed by the mysterious situation (lack of oxygen, frozen) before its crash. But when the Peru air crash took place, I realize it might be an operation to cover up a coming air accident. My relatives were arranged in a trip between 9/10 and 9/17. If an accident happened, it would be easily added one more to the above list and wouldn't cause any notice. That's why I talked about this twice in 9/2 and 9/7. (see #339, 340)

    Pre-psychological influence is a very important tactic Feds uses. We have seen scenes such like Lewinsky scandal, Wen Ho Lee's case, WMD in Iraq..... The recent one is the hurricane Katrina and Rita. Which mainly planned to justify for a high rising inflation. So media want us expecting a gas of 5.00/gallon because most of the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico were damaged by hurricane and so was for many oil refineries. That how much money would spend for the refugee and re-build.(e.g. 400,000 people live in the hotels and how much that costs for one day's rent) Now these kind of information are disappeared from media. Or proved to be exaggerated. What I see is the oil dropped below $60.00 a barrel.(10/26) Why, because the framed case went sour and Feds still must keep the interest rate as low as they can to maintain a high housing market.

    If the framed case have went successfully, I believe you would meet another face of media. Then you would have believed that all that sudden jumping high inflation was caused by oil and the natural disaster.

    The latest movement of propaganda activated by Feds is the Bird Flu. That's another psychological war to justify a new slaughter in the name of natural disaster. Watch how the media propaganda it under the command of Feds.
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    There is no empathy in the stories that have been/are on the news over the last however many months. It is all about the over-hyped 'mystery' that isn't much of a mystery at all. The coverage is more akin to rubbernecking a horrible car accident than having any feeling for those lost in the tragedy.

    They have taken a tragedy and hyped it for months and months solely its entertainment/mystery value. That, to me. is the sorry state of affairs.
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    I'm just amazed that people still marvel at gravity.
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    829. A disinformation to mislead public (4/24/2014)

    Three days ago, there was such a news:

    Did you notice something unusual of the topic of this news? It emphasizes that it’s not that cold and lack of oxygen in high altitude . Do you know why they had this news? I think it was a misinformation created by the mastermind of the missing Malaysia airliner MH370 at the purpose to discount my allegation that the people in MH370 were killed by decompression when it was hijacked by auto pilot system.

    It was a swift response to my article “825. How did they kill the crew and passengers (4/3/2014)” and “826. Decompression – a method to kill (4/9/2014)”.

    Even if they indeed carried out such a “stowaway” operation, it still won’t prove anything for them. Here I quote a comment:

  6. katsung47

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    830. Uninterruptible autopilot system (5/1/2014)

    Someone argued that how a computerized auto pilot systemcould drive the plane to avoid the ground radar. That opinion based on that auto pilot system was a pre-set up program. The reality is that Boeing have installed “uninterruptible autopilot system” in its plane. Once triggered, no one on board will be able to deactivate the system. The aircraft was taken over by the ground controller. The system was originally developed to prevent air hijacking. But when the ground controller becomes criminal, the airliner can be hijacked for evil purpose. That’s what happened in 911. That’s what happened in MH370.

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    832. The ability to black hole a Boeing craft (5/12/2014)

    As a matter of fact, it was impossible that a Boeing being hijacked by terrorists because it was equipped with uninterruptible auto pilot system. When such things happened, the pilot would covertly activate the system to alert the ground security service. The odd thing is not much people knew there was such a system existed. Most absurd was that when MH370’s missing became a hot topic, nobody talked about uninterruptible auto pilot system. It became a forbidden area for mainstream media.

    If you doubt me why I concluded that MH 370 case was created by the US intelligence, my reason is pretty simple. Who control uninterruptible auto pilot system? Who have the information of ground radar so MH370 could skirt them?

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    They seem to still be no closer to finding it!
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    In my opinion, I'm thinking the current has it and it's moving around a lot. Water and the weather as a lot to do with it...they need to locate the exact spot where it went down after the last radio broadcast was and go from there, look over the weather around that day backlogs of it.
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    835. Uninterruptible Auto Pilot System (5/27/2014)

    None released data will be helpful for investigation as the criminal that caused the missing of MH370 also control the satellite information. Do you think they will expose themselves? Anyone with common sense which one has the ability to make a Boeing with 300 people in it disappear without trace.

    Former P.M. of Malaysia says:


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