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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Cloaked, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. ImWithStupid

    ImWithStupid New Member

    If it even was a "her". I swear I saw a glimpse of an Adam's apple. :D
  2. Hack

    Hack Big Time BS'er

    I be new... though at the same time old... some know me, some don't

    once a hack always a hack
  3. mercury

    mercury Big Time BS'er

    heh.. I never did check in here.

    Hey, everyone! I'm Mercury :D
  4. ImWithStupid

    ImWithStupid New Member

    Greetings and welcome.
  5. ImWithStupid

    ImWithStupid New Member

    Screw you!!! :D
  6. mercury

    mercury Big Time BS'er

    well! I never!

    oh wait... yes. I have :p
  7. RoyalOrleans

    RoyalOrleans I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For

    Welcome to fukken JustBS.

    Can be combative.
  8. Hack

    Hack Big Time BS'er

    thanks to you both
  9. timesjoke

    timesjoke Progressive Killer

    You have heard of the love boat I am sure, well this is the love forum ;)

  10. eddo

    eddo I don't like you.

    Hack is Canadian. If it don't have antlers or have to do with hockey- he ain't heard of it.
  11. snafu

    snafu Big Time BS'er

    LOL I was trying to think of something smart ass to say about Canuks and hockey. :p

    Welcome aboard Hack.
  12. emkay64

    emkay64 Big Time BS

    Yay!!!! Someone else who understands subtle Canadian nuances and the finer art that is Hockey. Someone who understands the health care system here and who can back me up. Ahhh a fellow is good!
  13. ImWithStupid

    ImWithStupid New Member

    [ame= - South Park The Movie - Canada[/ame]
  14. TheJenn88

    TheJenn88 Member


    the other day, a friend linked me to a website to show me something, and I noticed the familiar name of "Phreakwars" listed as a user. I PMed him and he told me ya'll were here. Not expecting anyone to remember, but I'm TheJenn88 from WPYO...

    Couldn't believe I found you guys here; I guess the internet is a pretty damn small place.

    Hi :D.
  15. ImWithStupid

    ImWithStupid New Member

    Hi Jenn. Nice to see ya here.

    You are remembered from WPYO.
  16. Ali

    Ali Eschew obfuscation

    Hello Jenn.

    emkay and hack will be thrilled to have another Canadian on board! Welcome. :)
  17. eddo

    eddo I don't like you.

    more canadians??? really???


    Welcome back Jenn88, :D
  18. TheJenn88

    TheJenn88 Member

    Yes, another Canadian. And before you know it, we'll be taking over! Bwahaha. :cool:

    You know, it's hard to believe 5 years have gone by since I first met some of you guys. A few years ago I disappeared from WPYO, and when I checked back after a while, it was in quite a different state (i.e. non-existant). What happened?
  19. snafu

    snafu Big Time BS'er

    Hay Jenn how could we forget someone like you? I'm glad you found us!
  20. snafu

    snafu Big Time BS'er

    I see you finally got out of prison.:p


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